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Nerd Love: V Day Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

geekvdayAh, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dreaded by some and obnoxiously over-adored by others. New couples and those who have just begun dating may find it awkward and have no idea exactly what to do. Then there are those who have celebrated Valentine’s Day with the same person every day for several years, and they may have run out of material. In addition to not knowing how to spend V Day or what to get our mates, we are hit with a barrage of corny suggestions about how we should observe the Feast of St. Valentine from melodramatic women’s magazines, the greeting card industry, and pretty much anyone trying to sell anything. Not only does this put unnecessary pressure on all of us, it also takes away from the significance of the day.

For us geeks, however, Valentine’s Day can be a fun way to use our nerdy craftiness and creativity to show those we love just how special they are. So what geeky goodies can you concoct for the tech-loving, graphic-novel reading, cosplaying nerd in your life? Here are a few gift ideas that even the most discerning geek in your life (paging Dr. Sheldon Cooper) will adore.

Craft an Action-Packed Geek Gift Basket

Who doesn’t go nuts for a nice gift basket, especially when it’s themed and filled with all of your favorite things? Gift baskets are perfect on a variety of levels as they’re easy to put together, can be customized, and can be given to anyone. In love with a gamer? Pop in your local GameStop, and pick up some of the latest video games, or go old school and track down a few older games for that throwback game console he still uses.

Besides games, include other video-game theme swag like T-shirts, character figurines, or movies based on your partner’s favorite games. Remember to add some edible treats like gummies shaped like popular Nintendo characters or bake your own treats like cupcakes that look like small versions of the mushrooms of Mushroom Kingdom. No matter what you throw in your basket, make sure that it follows along with your theme.cosplayvday

Put on a Cosplay Burlesque Show

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity through costume play. If your guy or girl is into cosplay, this is a great way to take part in his or her favorite hobby, or it can be an ideal introduction if they’ve never ventured into any sort of role play. Don’t just throw on any ordinary costume and chill around your house, however. Spice things up by adding sexy embellishments like fishnets to that Sailor Moon getup or bright red patent leather boots that creep up your thighs for your Wonder Woman outfit and put on a show for your lover.

You can then study up on some hot burlesque moves and put on a saucy cosplay striptease for him. Perform your private show live for him in the boudoir or surprise him (and appeal to his techie side) by sending him a “confidential” file containing a video of your spicy burlesque number. By doing it securely via Sharefile, which offers safe and secure file hosting and transferring, you’ll make sure that your gift won’t get into the wrong hands. I think I speak for everyone when I say you don’t want that to happen! Regardless of your delivery method, with the right cosplay gear and stellar burlesque routine, your Valentine’s Day will surely be memorable.

geekyvday2Try Something New

While your nerdy partner may be in to exploring new tech gadgets or unknown galaxies that are far, far away, getting him or her to try something new may present a major challenge. Use this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be spontaneous and participate in an activity that the two of you have never taken on alone or as a couple. Take the day off and go on a road trip or spend the day at the beach learning to surf. Try learning a hands-on skill or trade such as pottery or wine making. Not only is this a unique break from the traditional V day festivities, it’s also a wonderful way to make your relationship stronger, your bond tighter, and, of course, expand your mind.

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