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Comic Review: ‘Death Sentence: London’ # 2

Death Sentence: London #2 
WRITER: Montynero
ARTIST: Martin Simmonds
COVERS BY: Montynero, Martin Simmonds
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

Super powers, corrupt government, and a population that is hated and feared, sound familiar? Let’s be honest, it’s hard to write a graphic novel about super powers that doesn’t sound like some of the most popular MARVEL books around. When I first heard about Death Sentence I was not excited to read it. I put off reading the first issue for almost a month and when I heard the second issue was slated for release I procrastinated reading that as well. I planned on writing a simple review, a two word sentence, “See X-Men.” Then, with both issues sitting in front of me, I jumped in head first, and man was I wrong.

A British book with witty dialogue and clever storytelling, the first issue of Death Sentence was wildly entertaining. G-Plus, a superpower-causing STD, is spreading wildly in London. The infected experience extra-normal abilities never before seen. With no cure, the infected die within six months from the point of affliction, but not before experiencing depression and extreme mood swings. Protagonists Weasel and Verity must work together to not only stop a crazed terrorist, but also protect the innocent.

By the second issue, the hunt for the G-Plus infected populous is in full effect as the Federal Bureau of Investigation begins to infiltrate make-shift safe houses on American soil. As each unit does their best to take out the infected persons, we are introduced to a new protagonist, Jeb Mulgrew. Though Jeb doesn’t realize it, his own government may be the cause of the G-Plus virus and the resulting rise in England’s violent crimes.

While Montynero lets loose a story from the imagination, Martin Simmonds reels it in with magnificent artwork. Every frame serves a real purpose, nothing remains static and the shading is marvelous. Without a true background in art all I can say is that each action sequence was highly eye-catching, even without explosions or high octane drama.

The world of Death Sentence does not look like a great place to be. Superpowers come with a high cost and each world power is doing what they seem to do best in graphic novels: eradicate. If you’re looking for a great story and fun visuals then this is the book you need to purchase. I can’t wait to pick up issue three of the best thing to come out of England since Americans!


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