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‘Orange is the New Black’ Review: Power Suit


The newcomers stir up ethnic and domestic conflicts, but Maria sees an opportunity. Judy’s special treatments raises eyebrows.”


The main plot points this episode are with Ruiz, the race issues that are brewing in the prison since the Latin population is growing, Caputo trying to deal with the sizing issue, Piper trying to still act tough with the help of Red, and Judy King making her stay at Litchfield.

I’m very glad how they are developing Ruiz as a character. It was nice to see her background and more about the father of her child. It helped us see that it’s in his nature to be quiet, she understands that, and they do have love for each other. With this flashback, you also see her father, who is El Leon, and why she isn’t really trying to take sides in the race wars. I liked that we got to see how tough Ruiz is, and the ending where she and Blanca are kind of joining forces brings some promise of what might be coming in future episodes.

Caputo dealing with the sizing issues is a nightmare to watch. It was hard to feel sympathy for him because any time he’s trying to help the cause, it seems like he’s making it worse. On what planet does he really think that port-a-potties and ear plugs are a good solution for being one hundred plus people over capacity? The only good thing to come from this was the mention that they should hire retired veterans as COs, especially disabled ones. Their reasoning for it is really shitty, but if this were to happen, maybe Bennett would be coming back. I hope this happens because Daya needs that closure.

Piper is still acting tough and “gangsta”, and it’s still annoying. I do love that she tries to act tough in front of Red, who responds by immediately shutting that stuff down. I wasn’t really a big fan of how she tried to get her roommate to be her “secret service”. It was really embarrassing to watch, and it made me kind of cringe since it shows how much she’s the writer’s favorite.

Judy King is probably my favorite person at Litchfield right now. The fact that she’s just taking advantage of the fact that she’s getting special treatment is pretty funny since it seems like she’s asking for it. She does mention that she doesn’t want anyone that would be a threat or problem as her roommate, which ultimately leads to Yoga Jones being her roomie. It will be interesting to see if she will stick to her guns about not wanting to fully be immersed in the special treatment that comes with that room.

There’s a few little roommate wars that are mentioned in this episode, such as the issues between Cindy/Tova and Alison and the issue between Red and Dwight. There’s also small mentions with Daya and her mother about Ceasar that I’m not going to get too much into, but their relationship is pretty toxic.

The one between Tova and Alison, who isn’t named until later (I had to find her name while rounding the Internet) is definitely supposed to show a religious war, which I feel is not necessary for this story. I understand that religious scuffles do happen, and are happening right now in countries worldwide, but it’s unnecessary for one the main plots in OITNB.

When it comes to Red and Dwight, I can definitely understand how snoring can get annoying. The whole situation between the two was funny, but I hope that this does put a slight end to it. This short plot serves only as comedic relief in an overall serious episode.

Finally, I was hurt and bothered when Maritza and Flacca made fun of Pennsatucky when she asked about the ducks. The ducks were a grooming technique and a good indicator if a guard is going after inmates or just Pennsatucky. It killed me the way that they made fun of her since she showed a lot of strength asking about it. This whole rape plot with Pennsatucky is a strain on me. Every time she tries to get better, something is pushing her back, It’s hard to heal from that.

How did you guys like the episode? Let me know in the comments!

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