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Tainted Love Launches Today on Machinima


Tainted Love is a graphic novel-style web series that follows the story of expectant parents with good intentions, but not the best of plans.

Orlando Jones (Drumline, Evolution, The Replacements)¬†stars in this fast-paced visceral story as Black Barry, a criminal and soon-to-be father who quickly comes to the realization that he and his pregnant girlfriend Jezebel Jackson (Deanna Russo of Being Human and Burning Love) may not have the means to raise a child. The two of them come up with a plan to rob Fred Lucas (Eric Roberts), who just happens to be Black Barry’s boss and the baddest gangster in town. However, the plan doesn’t go as expected and Black Barry find himself on the defensive trying to protect his love and his unborn child.

Just a warning that the language in this is R rated so brace yourself for a ton of F-bombs. Literally and figuratively. Episode 1 gives us a glimpse as to how much of a wild romp we are in for.

Tainted Love will have a six episode run on Machinima Prime every Sunday at 9am PST.

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