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Fashion by Geeks: Whimsical Vintage

Fashion by Geeks celebrates the unique style of girls in our geeky community. Our community is filled with such beautiful girls who all express themselves so wonderfully through fashion and they’re bursting with creativity. All around me I see my friends and fellow geeks at events who rock at the personal style game. I just want to run up to them and ask them a million questions about where they find such amazing pieces, and how they grew up to look so awesome. This series is basically my excuse to do this, and not come off as huge creeper. Also, who better to help you find the best looks around than nerds like you! Maybe you’re trying to find your own personal style, but you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you just want fun new pieces to add to your wardrobe, and want to know the best places to shop? Let your friends at GeekGirl World help you out.

The honor of christening Fashion by Geeks goes to one of my most stylish friends Elise Aparicio! Her style is as cute as she is, and inspires everyone around her to step up their fashion game. I met Elise at local bakery GimmeSomeSugar before our monthly book club meeting. I felt the atmosphere fit right in with her vintage and whimsical style, and instantly staged an impromptu photo shoot.

GeekGirl World: What are you wearing today?

Elise Aparicio: I’m wearing a Retrolicious brand dress, purchased through ModCloth; a Heart of Haute “Sweet Sweater” in red; and a black circle skirt purchased through TallGiraffe, on Etsy. My shoes are BAIT footwear Ida heels and in my hair I have a flower courtesy of my trip to Hawaii earlier this year.


GGW: Why is this outfit a good representation of your personal style?

EA: I love how bright and colorful this outfit is. The colors of the dress make it easy to pair with multiple cardigans and footwear. I like patterns that are kitschy and fun like the tickets on my Retrolicious dress; I feel this outfit best represents my fun and quirky style.


GGW: Is this your favorite outfit? If not, describe the one that is. Why is it your favorite?

EA: Since purchasing this dress, my style has evolved a bit into more a retro-vintage look, but I would still say this outfit is my favorite. The dress cut is flattering and modern, there are pockets which aren’t too deep, but perfect for days when you’re leaving the house with only the essentials, the pattern is bright and goes with everything. The sweater that I decided to pair with it is one of my newest essentials. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle so it can literally be stashed in your purse or gym bag and it still looks great on. The red adds a pop of color to many items in my wardrobe so I find it goes with practically everything. I’m planning on purchasing other colors in the future. The black circle skirt that I decided to pair with it was a custom purchase from Etsy. To make the outfit “work appropriate” I decided to wear the black skirt on top of the dress. The black skirt is a longer length for work, and the dress adds a little volume to the skirt. Layering skirts on top of dresses is my favorite tip for changing the look of a dress or making it more work appropriate.

GGW: What’s your fashion history? Describe your style throughout your life. What trends did you fall into?

EA: There are many factors that have contributed to my fashion history. The stores that I shop in have changed, which in turn changed my fashion choices. When I was in high school and college, Old Navy and Target were my go-to stores. I was also on a limited budget, so the thought of spending more than $30 on a dress was out of my price range. I don’t think I ever followed any trends. I mainly (and still to an extent) wear clothes that feel comfortable and casual, so it was usually a Target shirt with jeans and flip flops. I started wearing flats when I moved out to Vegas, mainly because I felt it was too cold to wear flip flops in the winter. I’m from Southern California born and raised!

GGW: Was fashion always important to you/did you always like fashion? If not, when did you start liking it and why?

EA: I have always admired retro-inspired or vintage fashions since I was in high school, but I never thought I would look good in them. I spent many years not wearing dresses because I thought I looked pregnant in them, or not wearing shorts because I didn’t want people to see my legs. The older I get the more I realize what styles look the most flattering on my body, what feels the most comfortable to wear, and to take more chances with my style.


GGW: What/who has inspired your style throughout your life?

EA: My sister has always had great modern style and her clothing choices are always top notch. She helped me transition from sports bras to figuring out that DD’s need to have their own cups. She has a good eye for fashion and isn’t afraid to tell you when something doesn’t look good on you.

GGW: What/who inspires your style now?

EA: Instagram! I follow so many amazing body-positive pinups on Instagram that continue to influence my fashion choices. My favorite instagrammers are: @modernjunecleaver @ameliajetson @feministunicorn @missvictoryviolet @teerwayde @shelovesdresses and @pinupcortney. (check them out)


GGW: How does your fashion style make you feel?

EA: It makes me feel confident and sexy. Who knew long circle skirts would make me feel like a million bucks?!

GGW: How would you describe your fashion style?

EA: Retro, kitschy, girly, and nerdy. When I find outfits that incorporate all 4, it’s magic!


GGW: Do you think fashion has powers?

EA: Yes! Fashion can inspire so much positive energy. When you feel good about yourself and your appearance, is there anything you can’t accomplish?!

GGW: What superpower would your fashion style give you?

EA: If I really wanted to be creative, every outfit would have its own unique superpower. The movie tickets on the dress would come alive and admit me into every theater in America.

GGW: Where do you like to shop?

EA: – Probably my first stepping stone into my current style.

Heart of Haute – So many beautiful designs and 50s & 60s inspired outfits. US made and sold.

1138 Clothing on Etsy

Eshakti – You can give them your measurements and they custom make the skirt/dress for you!

Teefury – all those t-shirt a day sites. Nerdy, mash-up designs on a shirt? Yes please.

H&M – I find a lot of cute, inexpensive tops and dresses here. Also scarves. Scarves that are cute as hell.

Hot Topic – They sell pin up style dresses and tops now. I was very excited when I found out they carried some Hell Bunny brand dresses. Hot Topic has evolved from my high school days.

Luxulite brooches on Etsy. – Luxulite is a woman from England that sells 40s and 50s inspired brooches. I have brooches with snowmen, pumpkins, fruit, cherries, etc. I’m not a big jewelry wearer, but brooches are a fun way to enhance your outfit and add color.

Bait footwear – Bought my first pair via ModCloth. They’re made well and feel very comfortable. It’s also a step up from flip flops. I buy their low heels since I don’t want to die from foot pain at the end of the day.


GGW: Do you have any advice to give to our readers who are struggling with their style or think fashion is something they can’t accomplish/feel alienated by?

EA: If you’re not sure where to start, pick a few pieces that you can get the most use out of. A simple black circle skirt can be paired with everything from nerdy tees to a fancy work blouse. Staple colors, like red or royal blue are the perfect cardigan colors that will go with everything. If you are always choosing black (which is not wrong – I’m a fan of that color and it’s very flattering.) and want to go outside the box, go for pieces that will liven it up, like a red belt, red shoes, a stylish brooch. Also, take your measurements. Figure out your exact size so you know exactly the body you are shopping for. I do a lot of online shopping and knowing my measurements is key. Always shop at online stores with a good return policy and check the return policy if you’re unsure. ModCloth has an amazing return policy with free return shipping! So it’s a good place to start. Lastly, have fun! Choose items that you feel best represents YOU.

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NerdyBound: Conventions

It’s summer! This means convention season is upon us. Whether you’re sticking to your local cons or making the pilgrimage with your fellow nerds to one of the big cons, there’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you’re somewhere that GETS you. Conventions are the only place where we’re encouraged to let our fandom flag fly high, and the best place to get one of kind merch. If you’re not planning to cosplay at the conventions, or if you just need something to help you live everyday like you’re at your favorite con?! We’ve got you covered! This week’s NerdyBound is inspired by some of the best conventions around!


ComicCon: some of the must attend are San Diego Comic-Con, Emerald City Comic-Con, Wondercon, New York ComicCon and GeekGirlCon!

ComicConShop the Look: Suspenders Star Wars Comic Circle Skirt $60, On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink $20, Marvel Comic Combat Boot $37, Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack $60, Star Trek Uhura’s Makeup Bag $25, 8-Bit Hair Bow $9.99, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver 11th Doctor Dangle Earrings $15, Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Pendant $25, Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge $20



GamingCons: some of the must attend are PAX, E3, IndieCade and GenCon!

GamingShop the Look: ASOS Biker Jacket with Waterfall Front and Zip Detail $99 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Leather Look Jacket With Waterfall $69, ASOS PETITE Whitby Low Rise Skinny Jeans In Washed Black With Rip $58 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Ridley Ankle Grazer Jeans in Washed Black with Shredded Knee $29, ASOS Denim High Waist Mom Shorts in Washed Black with Rips $54 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Side Split Denim Shorts in Washed Black $54, Leg Avenue The Smoking Gun Sheer Pantyhose $14, Maxstar 777 Back Zipper TC Wedge Heel Shoes White $44, TravelBoy Backpack $40, The Sprite Bag by Pixelle $50, NES Game Necklace, The Legend of Zelda $14, Portal Scarf $20, Princess Peach Crown $18, Pillow Fight $20, Retro Video Game Collectible Enamel Pin Set Series 6 $9.99, Ring goth ring Spikes $15, Gaming Cartridge Flasks $20



AnimeCon: some of the must attend are Anime Expo, Sakura-Con, FanimeCon and Anime Japan!

AnimeShop the Look: Anime Babes $32, Baby Pink Cheerleading Skirt $58, Studio Ghibli Dream Garden Cardigan $15, Sweet ice cream Little Twin Stars Unicorn Pastel Sneakers $51, Sailor Moon with Tail Lolita Tights $15, Rainbow Cloud Handbag $40, Melody Pearl-mint and pink flower crown with golden spikes $20, Vaporeon Clinging Earrings $8, Crescent Moon Wand from Kuma Crafts $30, Pokemon Badges Charm Bracelet $10



CatCon: okay so maybe this was done as a joke, but seriously there’s an actual CatCon happening this year and I kind of, sort of, really want to go.

CatConShop the Look: ModCloth Cats Mid-length Sleeveless A-line $80, You and Meow Forever Heel $65, ModCloth Quirky Cat to the Chase Bag $40, Claws for Celebration Headband $14.99, Feline Like Royalty Earrings in Prince $13, ModCloth Cat Person Circle Scarf $20, Know an Eccentric or Two Swimsuit Bottom $40



Did we miss your favorite type of convention? Let us know in the comments and we’ll cover it on another NerdyBound.

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NerdyBound: Orphan Black

In honor of Orphan Black returning tonight, this week’s NerdyBound is all about my favorite clones. If you’ve never seen Orphan Black I can say with full confidence that you’re depriving yourself of one of life’s better creations. The show, in a nutshell, is about a girl who finds out she’s one in a set of clones that a corporation created and has been tracking and attempting to control for experimental purposes. There are also people/organizations who know of the existence of the clones that are trying to kill/harm them. This show is so smart, funny, emotional and full of mystery and suspense. It’s basically everything you’re asking for in a series and it features a diverse set of female characters from every walk of life that are real; this series doesn’t shy away from their flaws. Yes, I hate stereotyping female characters, but I also love when they show female characters as these strong, beautiful, and intelligent super humans. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

I styled my looks around the Hot Topic Orphan Black Collection. I’m honestly so impressed by this collection. I’m so used to pop culture being sold to the public as photos on shirts and maybe a couple of themed accessories with more than just the name on it if you’re lucky. This collection not only recreated outfits from the show, but the designers added personal touches that portray each character’s personality. Sarah’s collection combines her outfit from episode one with established pieces that Sarah later wears regularly. Cosima’s collection is my favorite. They recreated her signature red dress, but added a DNA print which is just so perfect for our science loving clone, I love it. Her cardigan is a gorgeous ombre color that I would love on any piece of clothing, Orphan Black themed or not. I didn’t really use Alison’s collection here, only because I feel like the fans know Alison more for her iconic pink preppy looks. I get that Hot Topic was going for a housewife vibe and Alison totally goes Stepford all over the place, but I wanted to go for a more iconic “Alison” look. Helena’s collection is perfect and I want every single piece. They have the wedding dress, complete with Helena’s clone stick figure pattern. Also, both her jacket and top come with her angel wing scars printed on the back. Every item sold out during pre-sales and is almost selling out right now. The collection is also offered in exclusive plus size at Torrid.

Sarah Manning


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Knit Sweater Girls Tank Top $34.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Pleather Girls Moto Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, LOVEsick Black Back Skinny Strappy Sports Bra $16.50 sizes XS-XL For the plus size option I found an AMAZING Etsy shop called OrigamiCustoms they make custom caged bralette’s and harnesses in all sizes. $48.22, ASOS Leggings in High Waist with Leather Look Panel Detail $45 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Orphan Black Sarah Moto Leggings $24.50, Black Buckle Combat Boots $46.50, Jac Vanek This Is The Bag Military Bag $60, Layered Charm Necklace $6.90, Triangle Ring Set $4.90, Cuffed Hand Chain $4.90, Chained Dual Stud Ear Jackets $3.90


Cosima Niehaus


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Fit & Flare Dress $29.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Lightweight Ombre Girls Open Cardigan $44.50 sizes XS_4XL, Striped Fishnet Tights $7.90 sizes S-L Plus size option: Black Lace Tights – Baroque Pattern $21.99, ModCloth Menswear Inspired Flying First-Sass Heel $44.99, Zara Multi Skull& Stud Scarf this is the scarf that Cosima actually wears in the series, it’s sold out all over the place, but if you must have it you can try your luck on Ebay. I’m kind of in love with the alternative I found: Mossimo Skull Plaid Scarf – Black/Red $10.48, Kooba Brown Distressed Leather Bag $166.69 Budget friendly option: Men’s Vintage Canvas Leather Satchel Military Messenger Bag $34.26, Soko Angle Choker $60, Monserat De Lucca Scholastic Cute and Astute Necklace $69.99, Orphan Black 324B21 Brass Hand Metal Stamped Vegan Friendly Bracelet $24.99 this awesome bracelet is metal stamped with Cosima’s serial number of “324B21”. Orphan Black Cosima’s DNA Laptop Bracelet $18.99, Dreamcatcher Hand Ring Bracelet $6.50, Geo Cutout Midi Ring Set $4.90


Alison Hendrix


Shop the Look: Long-sleeved Jersey Top $12.95 sizes XS-XL Plus size option: Women’s Mystique V-Neck Knit Shirt $26.65, Women’s Clip spot Favorite Shirt Merona $22.99, Pleated Stretch-Fit Trousers sizes S-L $19.90 Plus size option: All-Nighter Pant – Slim Boot Trouser $58.50, Personalized White Quilted Vest Preppy Monogram $42 sizes 2-12 I was so excited to find this Etsy listing they do custom monogramming in gold leaf which to me just screams Alison. High-Shine Paneled Flats $22.90, Orphan Black Alison Bow Headband $6.50 I couldn’t resist adding this headband to the look, we all know Alison is known for her headbands and this one is customized for her with a very appropriate and adorable gun print. Gold Filigree White Pearl Necklace, Gold Bead $80 Budget friendly option: Pearl Color Options Pearl Jewelry (as always Etsy to the rescue), Faux Pearl Duo Studs $7.90, Shashi Solitaire Ring $32, Man and Woman Sharing a Glass of Wine $20 I wanted to find the perfect accessory for Alison that represented her love of wine, this vintage pin came from the clone heavens above it states that it’s a woman and a man sharing a glass of wine, but this piece of jewelry could obviously foretell the future because it’s clearly two clones sharing a glass of wine.




Shop the Look: Orphan Black Wedding Dress $54.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Mesh Long Sleeve Girls Top $29.50, Clean Wash Skinny Jeans $7.90 sizes 24-31 Plus size option: Skinny Jean – Black Rinse $58.50, Orphan Black Lightweight Girls Anorak Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, Every Bliss Way Boot $9.99, Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set $7.90, Metal Tusk Ring $4.90, Orphan Black Sestra Necklace $8.50


Felix Dawkins (Felix is one of my favorite characters; he brings so much life to the show so I had to make a NerdyBound of him.)


Shop the Look: Twisted Frida Kahlo Muscle Tee $13.80 sizes S – L Plus size option: Cream Double Vision Tank Top $20.50 which I would pair with Skeleton Peace Racerback Crop Cami $26.50, ASOS Pea Coat $61 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Shawl Collar Coat $81.48, ASOS Leather Look Leggings $33 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: ASOS CURVE Leather Look Legging $33, Anglophile Style Scarf $24.99, Move with Moxie Bootie $45, Boho, Urban, Travel, Scholastic Benefit of the Route Bag $49.99, Faux Crystal Midi Ring Set $6.90, Minimal Too Electri-cool Earrings $12.99, Spin Me Right ‘Round Time Necklace $24.99, No Conquest Ring in Silver $12.99 because Felix is so often their knight in shining armor, Orphan Black Clone Club Cuff Bracelet $16, O O-Kay Vinyl Harness $49

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NerdyBound: Doctor Who Style

I’ve always been obsessed with fashion, but unfortunately growing up a nerd meant that those worlds never really collided. There has been a nerd movement though and the times they have changed. Girls are encouraged to let their geek flags fly high and with that comes a demand for our favorite nerdy obsessions to come tailor made for us. This has brought upon one of my favorite new trends, everyday cosplay. It’s like someone heard my cries that I want to play dress up every day of my life and hand delivered this lovely escape of the mundane even if just for a little while.

Throughout this series, I hope I can give you new ideas for your everyday cosplays, and if you’re new to this I hope to inspire you to try it out or to incorporate pieces into your personal style. There are so many designers and retailers out there that cater to our everyday cosplay side, and I know my friends and I get really excited when we find new nerdy fashion online, so I just want to showcase all of that in one place. One of my inspirations is my favorite everyday cosplay blog, DisneyBound. It makes me want to move states just to be closer to Disneyland so I can DisneyBound all the time. This blog definitely inspires my Disney style in a way that I can incorporate it into my day to day life and all I could think of is I need to make this exist for all of my fandoms. I want to make a blog that not only showcases nerdy fashion, but fashion that’s achievable to everyone. I need the pieces to be budget friendly and being a curvalicious girl, I need plus size options. So I came up with NerdyBound! I’m excited to interpret my favorite fandoms through fashion with you.

I want to begin with one of my all-time favorite shows and a force to be reckoned with in the everyday cosplay game, Doctor Who. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to Doctor Who and it’s a beautiful thing. I remember being in love with this show after I caught a marathon on the SyFy channel (back when it used to be SciFi) and feeling like the weird girl, because no one had heard of this show and when I tried to explain it to people they all just commenced to slowly back away from me. Now it’s everywhere and everyone understands how powerful and emotional and amazing this show is and it just makes me a happy girl. This set was styled around the Her Universe Doctor Who line. I’m obsessed with Her Universe! They offer the cutest nerdy fashion around, their styles are current with the new movies coming out, and my favorite, their sizes range from XS-4XL.

I have to start with the Tardis, without the Tardis this show wouldn’t even exist. I wanted to do a look that you could wear from a convention straight into a date or just to hang out with your friends. Something that says intergalactic casual, but chic.


Shop the Look: Tardis Dress $45, Stars Above Metallic Headband $25, to represent the Tardis flying through the stars, Double Ring Time Lord symbol in Gallifreyan $11.95 to represent the language of the Tardis, Vivienne Westwood GALAXY SLOUCHY PURSE $600, I know, I know, this bag is crazy expensive, but it’s also crazy awesome and worth it. I did find some budget friendly alternatives, thanks to Etsy. My favorite being these wristlets from Charming Prints Shop, they have beautiful galaxy prints that you can custom order onto purses or totes. $19, Converse All Star Red Glitter $26 (available at several retailers) in honor of my favorite time lord that stole her away.

Now for our favorite time lord: The Doctor.

Shop the Look: 9th Doctor Dress $40, Galaxy Turban Headband $8, FANTASTIC 9th Doctor – Handmade Plastic Brooch Pin $10, in case you haven’t noticed, I adore Etsy. It’s the perfect place to find one of a kind items, like this pin with 9’s favorite word FANTASTIC!, 9th Doctor Inspired Silver Charm and Crystal Bracelet $9.99 I love this charm bracelet, it reminds me of all of 9’s classic episodes, including my favorite The Empty Child: “Are You My Mummy?”, Small Lavender Purple Spike Ring $10, this Etsy shop makes such pretty and unique jewelry, I highly recommend looking at their other products. This ring has 9’s colors, it has a galaxy feel to it and the spike gives it that edge that reminds me a lot of when 9 is angry. Fitted Motorcycle Jacket $28 sizes S-XXL, the lapel on this jacket makes for a perfect modern version of 9’s jacket. Dune for the Day Wedge in Midnight Black $45

Shop the Look: 10th Doctor David Tennant Dress $35, ASOS Scallop Collar White Shirt $45 sizes 2-24, ASOS is another amazing retailer that offers their styles in plus sizes, their clothes are always ahead of the trends and stylish, Timey Wimey TARDIS Bow $10, this bow is my favorite, not only is it beautiful, but it lights up! It’s from Magical Ribbons all bows are handmade with the best quality materials. Magical Ribbons began on tumblr and they offer really pretty Disney inspired bows, Doctor Who 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Necklace in UK Union Jack Gift Box $30, Vivienne Westwood GALAXY CHAIN PURSE $300, another version of the crazy expensive purse, but I just love this collection so much. Here’s the link to the budget friendly alternative from Charming Prints Shop, they have beautiful galaxy prints that you can custom order onto purses or totes. $19, Maxstar 777 Back Zipper TC Wedge Heel Shoes $44, Tennant changes his outfit and converse shoes throughout the series, the red converse are more iconic, but I wanted to stay true to the dress which features his brown pinstriped suit which he pairs with white converse.



Shop the Look: Eleventh Doctor Dress $28, Fezstravanganza Mini Fez $20, Forever 21 Faux Crystal Midi Ring Set $6.90, Doctor Who “The Girl Who Waited” Bracelet $15, Forever 21 Cutout Geo Bangle Set $6.90, I really wanted to find a Doctor Who themed stackable bracelet set, but instead I found this beautiful mixed metal set that would go perfectly with “The Girl Who Waited” bracelet, Doctor Who Wristlet Pond Goodbye $25, Galaxy Digital Sublimation Print Anarchic Combat Boot $81

I did two looks for 11 mainly because I happened upon this awesome shirt:

Men’s Doctor Who Shirt Tie and Braces T-Shirt from BBC Worldwide $58 sizes S-XXL, it annoys me that the colors are wrong, but it has a pretty cool feature that reveals a two beating hearts image using a smart phone or tablet and that meant that I needed to own this, ASOS Shorts with Belted Waist Detail $36 sizes 1-14, Here’s the plus size option: Knotted Wait Shorts, Mock Suspender Tights $10.86 sizes Medium – XXXL, I’m in love with the faux garters trend in tights, they can make the most casual/lazy outfit instantly edgy and sexy, Van Gogh Inspired Elastic Headband $10, if you didn’t cry during the Van Gogh episode, you have no soul, Mod Cloth Boho Spaced Haute Ring $20, Mod Cloth Quirky, Scholastic Undeniable Star Quality Bracelet $20, I love you (Circular Gallifreyan) Doctor Who Adjustable Bracelet $15.95, Doctor Who Hello Sweetie- Purse Skirt for Thirty-One Skirt Purse $20, in honor of The Doctor’s wife River Song an adorable Hello Sweetie/Hello Kitty purse, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Doppler’ Water Resistant Rain Boot $84.95

Her Universe is amazing and offers villain cosplay as well. They offer this Dalek dress in other colors and in a bodycon style as well. I thought it’d be fun to style the Dalek cosplay as a special occasion high end look. I tried to find structured pieces with a lot of clean geometric lines, so the essence of a Dalek who’s all business and very serious would be conveyed.


Shop the Look: Red Dalek Aline Dress $45, Kitsch Chevron Bun Pin $24, Balmain Embellished Blazer $2,850 I had a vision in my mind of a perfectly tailored blazer with gold studded accents and I could not for the life of me find a budget friendly option. I think this look is easily achievable with a simple DIY project; I’m planning on buying a simple black blazer and adding my own stud detail to it. I’ll post photos on the blog of the outcome, Gold Dalek Brooch $24, Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Brass Cuff Bracelet $30, Black Gold Spike Flat Shoes $28

I think I might have to do a villains post, because there’s so many more Doctor who villains I’d like to do Nerdy Bound’s for. There are definitely many more options within the world of Doctor Who, like the companions and friends of the Doctor, but we’ll save those for later. Doctor Who even has an entire bath products line; you could nerdy bound your entire bathroom shower caddy and all. They even have pajamas so you’re set for every time of the day. The possibilities are endless. Feel free to send in requests for Nerdy Bounds. I hope you’re inspired to have fun with your style.

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