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Face Off: Ep 13: Full Steam Ahead

This is the last episode before the season finale, and with only 4 artists left, it is easy to see they are all feeling the pressure. This week’s spotlight challenge has the artists meeting up with Mckenzie at Paramount Ranch’s Western Town. This set has been used in many old west movies and TV f1shows, and is going to be essential for the challenge this week. The inspiration for their challenge is The Wild Wild West, and it’s marrying of western with steampunk. Contestants in the past have dreaded or avoided doing too much steampunk for fear it would not live up to the expectations of the resident expert, Glenn.

Since this is a steampunk challenge, they are joined by Glenn to give them some pointers on what he is looking for, and what he definitely doesn’t want to see. For their designs, it is important that it not just have gears slapped on in random places, but rather each piece should give the appearance of functionality and necessity. To make the challenge a little more difficult, on top of it being western steampunk, they must also make them cyborgs. They each choose an inspiration character by choosing a set location from the bank, saloon, smithery, and morgue.

Logan quickly chooses the saloon, and begins designing his bar maid character. He has very little difficulty loganhashing out a complete concept of meshing her beauty with mechanical elements. Julian grabs up the bank and starts working on an old west bank robber, complete with a gattling gun type arm. Emily chooses the morgue, and begins designing her undertaker after a little research. For Darla, things aren’t as smooth. She begins trying to figure out her blacksmith character, and after a good amount of time, still has no ideas. Many times in Face Off, not nailing down a concept quickly is the end to the artist when it comes judging time. This brings her to tears as it starts to sink in that she may be going home for a weak concept.

Back at the lab, Emily first begins working on her chest piece as it is the largest part of her design. She wants to incorporate the coffin shape into it, as well as have it serve to hold his chemicals and toxins for embalming. Logan starts sculpting out his face, and when the coaches arrive, he has Rayce’s darlafull attention being the last of his team left in the competition. Rayce and Mr. Westmore stress the importance of his character’s beauty make up, and you can see he is a little nervous after admitting he has very little experience with beauty make up. Laura spends some time with Julian drawing his concept for him since his artistic abilities are less than stellar. Once it’s all drawn up, she sees he has very large pieces that need to be fabricated and he in turn admits to having never fabricated before. Sounds like the artists are working outside their comfort areas to try and blow the judges away. Meanwhile, Darla still has very little accomplished, and after talking through multiple ideas with Laura, finally starts to nail something down for her blacksmith.

As the days pass, it becomes more evident that Julian is running out of time for all the fabrication he was planning, and has to cut down on a lot of it. Logan learns to create some really amazing detail work in foam for his bar maid from Rayce while Emily decides to do a more stylized paint job since getting skin tone will be far too time consuming. They each go into last looks with a lot of work still to do, emilyand a lot of ideas having been thrown out for lack of time.

Glenn, Ve, and Neville spend quite a bit of time looking over each creation in great detail. Darla’s blacksmith has a ton of detail, down to the sweat on his brow, but was lacking a little more of the steampunk vibe. For Julian, Ve loved how much of a cowboy his creation was, but found the face sculpt a tad bit rough and the head gears lacked purpose and functionality. Emily’s undertaker scored high marks for her stylized paint job and sculpt and the overall aesthetic of it impressed Neville. Logan’s bar maid had an amazing silhouette and concept, although his edges on his chest and face prosthetics were so terrible and wrinkled in weird ways. If it had not been for these terrible technical difficulties he would have had the strongest character on stage.

julianThis week the winner and first person to move into the finale is Emily, followed closely by Darla. Julian and Logan are left, with one moving into the finale, and the other going home. Both appear incredibly nervous, but in the end, Logan’s concept and overall character push through, saving him from elimination. Julian’s design just wasn’t strong enough, and he must pack up his kit. I cannot wait until the season finale where Logan, Darla and Emily battle it out to become the next Face Off Champion.


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