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Blue Apron: An Honest Review

Blue Apron Overview:

What it is: A meal delivery service known for eccentric, easy dishes
 $59.94 per week ($9.99 per serving) for a 2-person plan (family plan available)
Shipment frequency: Weekly
Shipping: Free!
Meal options: Omnivore, Vegetarian

Blue Apron’s constant bombardment of advertisements finally drew me in.

The popular meal delivery service has been running an excellent promotion where new chefs get their first week of meals for $50 off, so I, being the foodie and penny pincher that I am, decided to see what all the buzz was about!

I received my first Blue Apron shipment a few weeks ago and created the following meals: Neapolitan-Style Stewed Vegetables & Farro, Beef Quesadillas with Creamy Corn & Shishito Pepper Salsa, and Seared Chicken & Fregola Sarda.

Long story short, I will not be receiving subsequent shipments from the company.

I implore all of you to read about my experience (which is categorized! yay!) before deciding to take the Blue Apron plunge:

Produce Quality

My Blue Apron shipment arrived in a large, cardboard box jam packed with ice packs, insulation, and, of course, food!

Meats were separated from the rest of the produce and placed at the bottom with the ice, and though the box was delivered to my door during a particularly nasty heatwave, I was happy to find that all items were delivered cold and dry.

I was, however, unhappy to find that some of my cold vegetables weren’t so fresh.

Blue Apron boasts that their vegetables are farm-sourced and sent at “peak freshness”, but upon close inspection, I noticed that some of the green beans I received were beginning to rot.

Um, ew.

I also wasn’t impressed with the meats, which came packaged in small, super juicy containers. The presentation and quality of said meats weren’t even close to that of the meats I normally purchase at my grocery store or local meat market, which needless to say was extremely disappointing.

Meal Preparation

Prepare for lots of dicing, slicing, and sauteing with Blue Apron.

All of my recipes should have taken me no more than 40 minutes to create (according to Blue Apron, at least), but I found myself in the kitchen for an average of 1.3 hours for each meal.

The recipes provided to me were easy to create and required little effort or talent, but the simple act of meal preparation took what felt like an eternity.

Grate the cheese. Dice the tomatoes. Mince the garlic. Chop the scallions. Cry into your probably-not-blue apron.

I was absolutely starving and exhausted by the time my meals were complete, and to make matters worse, after the last morsel of food was devoured, I was left with the mundane chore of cleanup.

The Deliciousness Factor

The meals weren’t excellent by any means, but they were edible… which counts for something, I guess.

Neapolitan-Style Stewed Vegetables & Farro

Fresh vegetables? Check.

Healthy grains? Check.

Cheese? Check.

Lemon? Check, check, check, check CHECK.

This beautiful dish was ruined by the ridiculous amount of lemon the recipe called for. The citrus flavor took over the entire dish, making it impossible for me to taste the individual vegetables and the delicious mozzarella. Eatable, but blehhk.

Beef Quesadillas with Creamy Corn & Shishito Pepper Salsa:

20160826_225835The quesadillas were simple to make, but they were bland and boring.

The provided Monterey Jack cheese was mild and tasteless (not to mention a pain to shred), offering little to the quesadillas besides added calories and fat. These quesadillas could have been easily redeemed with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, sharp cheddar, or sauteed onion.

The creamy corn and shishito pepper salsa, on the other hand, was flavorful, sweet and easily the best part of the meal.

Seared Chicken & Fregola Sarda

The simplicity of this dish was delightful!

Thanks to my exaggerated cooking skills, the chicken turned out tender and juicy. The fregola sarda was light, tasty and a perfect complement for this summer dish.  The only issue I had with this dish was with the salsa verde, which I found overwhelmed the dish with its distinct flavor.

Nutritional Value

The recipes I received from Blue Apron were full of nutrients and protein while being semi-gentle on the waistline.

My meals had an average 750 calories per serving (there is only one serving per plate), which, at least for me, is the perfect amount to properly fuel my active lifestyle.

I definitely enjoyed the healthy vegetables and grains featured in my recipes, but I was disappointed by the fact that each of my recipes called for an absurd amount of salt. Nearly every step prompted me to add salt, so if you are considering Blue Apron and are trying to cut down on your sodium intake, be gentle with the salt shaker and ignore Blue Apron’s suggestions.

Folks with dietary restrictions may not find Blue Apron to be flexible enough for their needs. Blue Apron offers a vegetarian meal plan, but, unlike some of its competitors, the company does not yet offer Paleo and Vegan meal options.

Final Verdict:

Trying out Blue Apron was a fun experience, no doubt, but I simply could not justify spending $60 a week on three (likely mediocre) meals. I found that I could purchase the exact produce items at my local grocery store for far less than the cost of one Blue Apron meal. I am not willing to pay for the convenience of perfectly portioned ingredients, though I do understand the appeal.

But even more than the cost, the quality of the produce Blue Apron provided me with was not up to my standards (rotting veggies, really?!), and the time needed to create each meal was cumbersome and tiring.

Blue Apron just wasn’t for me, but at the suggestion of GeekGirl Nicole, I’ve decided to try out Green Chef (a competitor of Blue Apron) next week!

Will Green Chef fare any better? Find out in my next review!

What are your experiences with Blue Apron? Let us know in the comments!



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Book Review: ‘Food Whore’

Food Whore is a deliciously devised debut novel from author Jessica Tom. Tom’s background in the culinary world not only lends a hand but creates a fantastic entrée of intrigue and enchantment. Still, some sections of Food Whore are simply too difficult to digest. Tom’s knowledge of ingredients and the manner in which they blend and tangle with your taste buds will make you wish you had an ounce of the culinary skill of her characters. These intense descriptions of the many delights encountered in the New York City dining landscape may leave the pages of your book damp with your own ardent saliva.

FoodWhore paperback cover - finalLike any fine dining experience this one begins with hors d’oeuvres at a finely set table. Though the tablecloth is silk, the diners are rayon; well-meaning and fine to gaze upon from a distance, but not quite well refined. Tia Monroe is a prodigy with culinary dreams. She will put herself on the plate of culinary legend Helen Lansky and acquire a coveted internship. When her dreams burn on the stove, she is salvaged by feared and powerful New York Times food critic Michael Salz.

The entrée is not au maigre. Michael Salz suffers from a condition of the tongue, aguesia, which prevents him from continuing his journey into the succulent world of foie gras and entrecôte. Impressed by Monroe’s written works, Salz hires her to deceive the culinary world. Working for Salz takes Monroe on a fascinating journey through the sophisticated world she longs to dine in, but quickly learns it isn’t all flambé and macaroons.

No entrée would be complete without its side and this one is starchy. Though Monroe’s personal goals have taken a backseat to the misstep of the professional, she is still determined to create a whipped mashed yam joy. Her tenacity sometimes leads to a lumpy, gluey concoction that only her inner circle can enjoy and only the truest of her inner circle can truly critique to better her skill.

For dessert Tom serves a tarte tatin, warm and gooey with the surprising prospect of emotional response. With this full meal behind, satisfaction is inevitable. You may even need a nap from impending food coma, but for some reason you will crave another helping.

Portrait of author Jessica Tom by Liz Clayman
Portrait of author Jessica Tom by Liz Clayman

Jessica Tom is a writer and food blogger living in Brooklyn. She has worked on initiatives with restaurants, hospitality startups, food trucks, and citywide culinary programs. She graduated from Yale University with a concentration in fiction writing and wrote the restaurant review for the Yale Daily News Magazine. Food Whore is her first novel.

Food Whore

by Jessica Tom

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks (October 27, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0062387006

ISBN-13: 978-006238700

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Surviving the Summer Break for ‘Once Upon a Time’ Fans – How to Eat Like a Queen!

I’ve been dealing with an end of summer cold this week, which I think is absolutely terrible. Not only am I sick, but the virus didn’t even have the decency wait until it wasn’t 110 degrees where I live. Being curled up with Thera-flu and a thermometer on the couch has really put me in the mindset for colder weather and chicken soup.

I’ve always turned to comfort food in my times of need. I’m fairly certain that if I didn’t have such a penchant for fandoms and all the stress they cause me, I’d probably be fifty pounds lighter. And no size-shaming here, it’s just a fact of life for me and always has been. But I enjoy it. My grandmother would say, “the heart of the home is in the kitchen,” and I wholeheartedly believe that. Food may not equal love, but it is one way to show your love for others, and for yourself! Food also helps us celebrate events we love, and I love September because Once Upon a Time comes back!

So in honor of September (which officially kicks off the Autumn eating season for me), here are seven toasty, cozy meals and drinks inspired by Once Upon a Time to work into your Autumn menu

Blue Fairie’s Birthday Buttercream Wishing Cupcake

Property of ABC
“If I’d have known it was going to grant me a wish, I would have asked for a new beanie.”

This is the cupcake that started it all! Bust open any box of pre-made cake mix, and while they’re baking make this indulgent frosting. Don’t forget the blue star on top! Spritz makes perfect ones for this cupcake, but they are frequently out of stock, so you might have to settle for Betty Crocker’s instead.

The secret ingredient is butter!

Emma’s Favorite Grilled Cheese and Onion Rings

A Sheriff’s office staple, especially if things get chilly when the Snow Queen comes ‘round! Emma gets hungry for them, so they must be good! With 20 variations on the classic lunchtime treat from Serious Eats, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your palate.

Vegetables are basically a vehicle for batter and oil.

And at 4.8 stars and 130 reviews, Guy Fieri’s Beer Battered Onion Rings will make a much-desired side to your buttery, melty sandwich. The only thing better would be if your favorite OUaT character delivered them to you!

“Onion rings! My father’s wrong about you not being a good provider.”

Granny’s Lasagna

I came here to serve lasagna and kick butt. And I’m all out of lasagna!

*SPOILERS* We find out that Granny’s lasagna is of the frozen variety! Whether that means she pre-makes and freezes them to store in her walk-in fridge/werewolf cage, or she orders them from some lasagna factory that delivers over the magical border, it’s still a popular dish at Granny’s Diner. Good for a Sunday family sit-down, or to pick at a slice at a time for leftovers, this recipe will fill you up with all the food groups!

This is the most staged photo of lasagna I’ve ever seen. The pan underneath is clean.

Belle’s Hamburgers

“Please don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning burger, thanks.”

If there’s anyone who’s found magic in masticating, it’s Belle! After being locked up for 28 years in the psych ward, Belle was thrilled to finally be freed from the confines of both her straight jacket and the hospital menu. She found great joy in the burgers at Granny’s. Try your hand at flipping some of these thick and juicy patties on the grill as the last days of summer turn cool, or follow the directions and fry them in butter for an easy cold weather dinner.

“TREAT YO SELF” – Belle (probably)

Regina’s Apple Turnovers

“After this, I’ll teach you how to grind bones to make bread!”

You don’t need a Blue Apron subscription to enjoy this recipe, which is a super easy and delicious 5-ingredient apple turnover that anyone who can slice an apple can make! Just make sure you use non-poisoned apples so you don’t get any comatose kids lying around. For a totally unnecessary addition of 200 calories, skip the whipped cream and dip your warm bites in cold vanilla pudding. You’re welcome for that.

This picture doesn’t do them justice.

Henry’s Hot Chocolate (Don’t forget the cinnamon!)

Disney’s audio animatronics are getting really impressive.

No more packets of powder mixed with water! YUCK! Why would you do that? Make this concoction instead. With heavy whipping cream as a base, you know this drink will be hearty and comforting. Cocoa should always be shared, so don’t just make a mug or two. Put that crock pot to work and whip up this decadent brew. It’s so good that it might make you forget about pie! Just kidding. What kind of weirdo forgets about pie? 

I would swim around in this and drink myself to the bottom.

Zelena’s Meat Pie

“I am totally not crazy, and you can tell by how I made my hostage a candlelit dinner.”

These are by far the most complicated items on the list to make, but well-worth it. They are a little different from the style Rumple made as a child with the Spinsters as well the ones Zelena made him while holding him captive. But these are easier to make, and easier to take along with you on cold mornings. These are sometimes called hand pies because they’re so portable. You can make a huge batch and freeze them individually for a no-fuss dinner. If the flaky pastry is a little intimidating, try using pre-made pastry sheets found in the frozen dessert area at the store. 

Mashed potatoes were invented for this.

With 20 days left until the Season 5 premiere of OUaT, you’ll have plenty of time to try out these recipes. Let us know in the comments how they worked out for you! And don’t forget to share with us your favorite Once Upon a Time food or beverage?

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Surviving the Summer Break for ‘Once Upon a Time’ Fans – Eating Our Feelings Looking at Past Roles

We’re getting closer to the Season 5 premiere of Once Upon a Time but we’re still a month and a half away! I feel like we’ve been looking forward for most of our summer journey together as Oncers, desperate for tastes here and there of things to come. This week we’re going to go back in time with the help of the Internet Movie Database to see what some of our beloved stars were doing before they wound up in the Enchanted Forest. Let it be known! Thar be SPOILERS ahead!

Ginnifer Goodwin – Snow White

Most Snow White role: Margene Heffman, third sister-wife and entrepreneur on HBO’s polygamous drama Big Love from 2006-2011.
I’m not saying Snow White was practicing polyandry when she lived with the Dwarves, but Margene and Snow do have a lot in common. They are bright, spirited, loving mother-types to many, and both have a closet full of skeletons no one saw coming.

Least Snow White role: Maya in Comedy Central’s first original movie Porn ‘n Chicken in 2002. I couldn’t find a clip of her as Maya, so I’m just basing my assumption off the fact that what I did find searching for “Porn ‘n Chicken” didn’t really say “motherly fairy tale princess” to me. And, while we can’t stop you from doing it, we don’t want to tell our readers to Google “porn and chicken,” so here’s a clip of Goodwin on Seth Myers talking about how her son is Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Videogame roll: Roll from Mega Man. Though not a robot that we know of, she’s sweet, protective, and clever. She’s also good with a broom!


Jennifer Morrison – Emma Swan

Most motherly role: As Winona Kirk, in 2009’s Star Trek, Morrison gave birth to yet another little boy who was destined for more than his humble beginnings, who grew up without a proper father, and who went on to strange new lands to defeat creepy villains.

Least motherly role: Zoey Pierson from How I Met Your Mother.

Not only does she not become Ted’s future wife or mother to his children, but she’s likened to Cinderella’s evil step-mother when it’s revealed that her step-daughter hates her.

Bakery roll: Cinnamon roll. The Charming family quirk of liking cinnamon on their hot chocolate is endearing, and Emma has proven she’s very layered. It’s worth getting past her hard outer layers to reach her soft and warm heart.


Lana Parrilla – Regina

Most regal role: Trina Decker from CBS’s Swingtown.

Though an airline stewardess, Trina lived a very affluent life with lots of time for extracurricular activities.

Least regal role:  Janet Grafton from several 2004 episodes of NYPD Blue.  Nothing says blue collar like patrolling a beat in your home burrough. Throw in a failed marriage and this show has Parrilla in her realist role.

Sushi roll: The “Sexy Roll.” Good or evil, fancy or down to earth, Parrilla is always alluring. And it’s not just her physical assets that make her so. Parrilla’s acting chops have only gotten more honed, making her versatile and in regal command of her stage.


Josh Dallas – Prince Charming

Most mighty and heroic role: Fandral, Thor’s friend and brother in arms from 2011’s Thor is one-third of the Warriors Three and is as princely and charming as Dallas’s OUaT counterpart. Sadly many of Dallas’s scenes in Thor were deleted and he was unable to reprise his role in Thor: The Dark World because of scheduling conflicts filming OUaT.

Least mighty or heroic role: Node #2 in a 2008 episode of Doctor Who called “The Silence in the Library.”

Dallas played the face of Mark Chambers, a man who donated his face to the library to be a pleasing visual representation most likely to appear pleasing to the user, in this case Donna Noble. Skip to about the 10 minute mark to facetime with Dallas.

Lunch roll: The hero roll. From lunchtime staple to party platter necessity, the hero roll is loved by all. Bonus, sometimes the nicer ones come with a little decorative sword!


Robert Carlyle – Rumpelstiltskin

Highest grossing role: Portraying Gaz in 1997’s The Full Monty, this was Carlyle’s, and the UK’s, highest grossing film to date, raking in $45,950,122 after a budget of only $3,500,000. Please enjoy this clip of Rumpelstiltskin embarrassing Baelfire.

Lowest grossing role: Funny enough, Carlyle also starred in a film titled Once Upon a Time in the Midlands about a petty thief who tries to get his babymama back after a decade. It had a budget of $3,041,025 but only made about $172,564. That’s right, you did the math in your head correctly. That’s about 5%. This may or may not have been a student film, I’m not sure.  See if you can sit through the trailer longer than I could.

Totally not gross roll: Scottish sausage roll. I really don’t feel I should have to explain this one. Have you had one of these? Make them and eat them with no apologies to your heart, waistline, or doctor.


Colin O’Donoghue – Killian Jones

Best dressed role: Duke Philip of Bavaria from 2009’s The Tudors is arguably the most opulently dressed character O’Donoghue’s played. It’s a far cry from his pirate garb, which, while practical, is undeniably the uniform of a rogue and scoundrel. Watch his doomed romance with Mary Tudor, as played by OUaT’s Sarah Bolger, here.

Least dressed role: Lead gent in Christina Perri’s music video for The Words, O’Donoghue doesn’t just appear shirtless, but also takes a pensive bath before bed.

It’s crucial to the plot, I tell you! Fun fact, Perri dedicated The Words to Hook and Emma’s romance, making her the ultimate fanvid creator.

Protip Roll: Rolling your shirts to fit more of them in your luggage.

“Not that Colin O’Donoghue needs more shirts.”

the majority of the fangirl community

Giancarlo Esposito – Sidney Glass

Giancarlo has the distinguished honor of having what I think is undeniably the most international Wikipedia introduction ever:

Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito (born April 26, 1958) is a Danish-born American actor, director, and producer of African-Italian descent.

Most notable role: Gus Fring, Walter White’s boss and haunted sociopath from Breaking Bad, 2009-2011. Here he is imparting his wisdom, “a man provides.”

Surprising role: Mickey, the camp counselor at Camp Echo Rock in Season 14 of Sesame Street.

Check out his scenes here, and especially enjoy the one where Big Bird thinks he’s getting mugged by the future meth kingpin of the Southwest.

Edible roll: A chocolate Danish. I won’t lie; I made myself laugh at that one.
All this talk about sushi and danish have left me hungry, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Season 4 again and eat my feelings.

What are some former roles from OUaT stars that you think are interesting? Tell us in the comments below!


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Foodie Friday: Pancakes Are The Best Cakes!

I’m just going to come out and say it. I love, but no, like really LOVE pancakes. I really do. Not like ok, geez, pancakes sure are delicious, or I sure do think they’re swell. No I love them. I would have a torrid love affair with them. I would be very hard pressed to choose between my husband and pancakes. Is that awful? I don’t care! PAN-CAKES. This week let’s skip together hand and hand through beautiful pancake fields while staring at fluffy pancake clouds and dreaming of rice cakes…just kidding, pancakes!

This list is in no particular order. Pancakes are like children, you can’t pick your favorite.

The Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes at John O’Groats

I have a nasty habit of modifying my food orders. I’m that person that chefs probably hate. I find this is a habit that is almost exclusively relegated to breakfast time. My most recent pancake endeavor took me to John O’Groats on Pico. I’ve heard numerous times that John O’Groats has some of the best pancakes in town, possibly even THE best. I certainly had my doubts. Some random hole in the wall place is going to compete with award winning chefs’ versions? Pfft. I am particularly partial to pumpkin pancakes. I am absolutely that person who freaks out about pumpkin everything. I cannot tell you why but it’s true and I feel only moderate shame about it. In order to compare it to one of my favorite (self modified) pumpkin pancakes in town, I added chocolate chips and whipped cream (more on that other place later.) I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised by John O’Groats. The service was some of the best I’ve received, especially in a casual diner type setting. The owner Paul Tyler greeted every guest, took my order while the waitress was busy, and checked on me numerous times throughout my meal. Mr. Taylor even suggested I order a single pancake as the rest of my order seemed too advantageous, a suggestion that made me quite happy, but would gross him about $6 less. Aside from the service what really surprised me were the pancakes. A pretty basic looking pancake ended up being thin but fluffy packed with assertive pumpkin flavor and large bursts of added melted chocolate ooze. I was certainly impressed. I don’t know if I can say it’s my favorite but the pancake at John O’Groats will definitely be added to my regular breakfast circuit.



The Lemon Blueberry Pancakes at Bouchon Bistro

You know when you wake up some mornings and you just FEEL rich? You think money doesn’t matter, I’m on top of the world, EXCELSIOR! etc, etc. Maybe you are ACTUALLY rich, well good for you. Maybe you just have a fuzzy view of reality. Regardless, when such a moment strikes me I personally tend to pick restaurant with the absolute the fanciest brunch I can think of. I just want to pretend I am one of those liberal elites the news keeps telling me about. I want to eat like a queen! Where does one go when they want to put on their fancy pants? Well, Bouchon, of course. The Los Angeles outpost of award winning Chef Thomas Keller’s Napa, New York, and Vegas restaurants but this time located in Beverly Hills (I told you it was fancy.) The star of my very posh meal was most certainly their version pancakes. Thicker cake-like pancakes are filled with light lemon flavor with fresh blueberries topped with a generous dollop of Chantilly cream. I’m not sure if these tasted so good because I had a money contact high from all of the Richie Riches surrounding me or if they really were some of the best blueberry pancakes I’ve had. No one will ever know. Pinkies up!

Bouchon’s flapjack
Bouchon’s flapjacks


The Buttermilk Pancakes at Jon & Vinny’s

Ok yes Jon & Vinny’s is as trendy as they come. They don’t have online reservations, they almost never answer the phone, you CANNOT get a reservation any time before 9pm on a Saturday night…ever, it is seemingly unnecessarily expensive, they have weird fees that are hard to understand (isn’t an 18% service charge in fact a tip? According to the very complicated answer by my waitress, no, no it is not.) Is all this hullabaloo worth a trip to Jon & Vinny’s? Y.E.S. Although, my suggestion would be to make your visit on a weekday for breakfast or lunch. If you do wander in during breakfast hours I wholeheartedly suggest you try the Buttermilk Pancakes. Jon & Vinny’s pancakes are a stack of 5 smaller pancakes topped with strawberries and blueberries, salted butter, and maple syrup. Sounds simple enough, right? Au contraire mon frère! These are no ordinary pancakes. Crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, punctuated by little pops of salt from the incredibly luxe butter. If you’re a pancake purist I would highly suggest trying these out. They are just different enough to register as special, but classically unfussy.

Jon & Vinny’s hotcake
Jon & Vinny’s hotcakes

Buttermilk Pancakes AND Ricotta-Cornmeal Pancakes at Ledlow

Poor Ledlow. This downtown restaurant was formally a local favorite formerly called Pete’s. Ledlow took over the space with Chef Jose Centro at the helm. Everyone was mad. Except me, who didn’t know about Pete’s, but loved Chef Centro’s other three restaurants, and really didn’t care either way. There is a strange cultural phenomenon that happens in the food-o-sphere where restaurants close, no one can get over it, and then they blame the new restaurant like it was some kind of hostile takeover. Ledlow has changed its name three times in an effort to shed the hate. Despite all of the poo-pooing Ledlow is still able to turn out pretty solid food. They offer multiple pancake options including a buttermilk variety with 3 topping options (I chose the strawberries with cardamom,) as well as a ricotta cornmeal variety with berries, cherry tarragon syrup, and whipped ricotta. You can tell Chef Centro is trying to bring in his innovative flavors, but is still held back by the stigma of the previous diner. I can only hope Chef Centro keeps trying to break away from the expected, and brings more of his exciting voice to the food at Ledlow.

Ledlow’s flapcakes
Ledlow’s flapcakes


Ledlow’s Johnny cakes
Ledlow’s Johnny cakes



‘Tis the Season Pancakes at The Griddle Cafe

The pumpkin pancakes at The Griddle Café have always been my all time favorite pancakes. The Griddle is known for serving a massive 12 inch diameter stack of pancakes. I have known many a capable eater, and have yet to meet someone who can finish a stack comfortably. It’s not listed on the menu, but The Griddle will allow you to order a single pancake…do this. Don’t be brave, you’ll regret it. The Griddle is also known for being incredibly accommodating, and will essentially allow you to modify anything as long as they have it in the kitchen. I learned early on that chocolate chips belong in pumpkin pancakes without question. Allowing me this request made me instantly loyal to The Griddle. The only thing stopping me from eating at here every single day is the unbearable line that forms outside of The Griddle regardless of the day or time. There is no longer a time I can go, and guarantee to be seated within a reasonable span of time. This, however, is a good thing. If The Griddle was easily accessible we would all be in trouble. We would all be subject to the world of fat humans in WALL-E, and while I could certainly use a hovercraft scooter sometimes, I think it’s an accessory better left to the film.

The Griddle’s flat sorta cakey breakfast breads (I ran out of synonyms for pancakes.)
The Griddle’s flat sorta cakey breakfast breads (I ran out of synonyms for pancakes.)


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