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Fear the Walking Dead Promo Released!

AMC just released a new promo video for Fear the Walking Dead that is sure to set you on edge!

The promo video is less than 30 seconds long but it does an amazing job of portraying just how much fear there will be on the new series. Nick (Frank Dillane) is seen escaping out of a window looking as though he just dressed very quickly and is clamoring for what we assume is his life. The promo doesn’t show any undead, but it does show Nick racing down an alley and out into the street, panicked and in complete terror while trying desperately to keep his pants up.

Fear The Walking Dead is a spinoff of The Walking Dead. The series takes place in Los Angeles during the initial stages of the zombie outbreak. It is set to air this August.

Every small glimpse of the new cast that is released stirs more and more excitement and this new promo doesn’t disappoint.

Check out the video below!

Are you excited for the new companion series? Will you be tuning in each week? Do you think this will be better with no source material (i.e. The Walking Dead comics) for people to compare it to? Or, are you concerned it won’t have as good of a plot and writing without the bone structure of great source material?

Tell us what you think in the comments!


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