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First Two Minutes of ‘Once Upon a Time’: Season 5 Episode 1 Released at D23’s Snow White & Evil Queen Panel


So, I don’t wanna brag, but my BFF David and his amazing wife, Carolyn, went to D23 this weekend, and they attended the Once Upon a Time panel. I know you wish you were as lucky as me to have such cool friends, but try not to be too jealous. I’m going to share their exciting reports with you, and maybe, juuust maybe, it will get us yearning Oncers though another week of waiting and wanting for Season 5.

Jeffrey Epstein of D23 moderated the magical panel, welcoming series creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Hororwitz to the stage.

Here is a rundown of some things we learned from the Kitsis/Horowitz interview: 

Disney/Image Group LA
  • Henry regrets snapping his quill at the end of Season 4
  • We’ll see lots of Merida and Camelot early!
  • Iconography from Belle will be introduced, eg. the infamous enchanted wilting rose in a bell jar
Courtesy of Disney
  • There will be a big fight between Zelena and Regina
  • Zelena is “the Hannibal Lector if the show” and will “live up to her wicked name”
  • Emma is still the Savior, so being the Dark One will manifest itself differently for her that Rumple
  • The Dagger is kind of like a twisted magnifying glass that emphasizes the fears of the Dark One, so the Dark Swan’s experiences will be different from her predecessors’

The creator-writers were extremely coy when asked to elaborate on the promo photo of the Dark Swan standing in the foreground while Rumpelstiltskin looks on appraisingly behind her, saying “once fans watch the premiere they will definitely understand.” #vagueitup

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

The hundredth episode is coming up, so the Kitsis and Horowitz played an infuriating game of “yes, no, maybe” where the host threw out several names of previous characters and asked if fans would see them again on screen. Of course the gents answered “maybe” to all of them!

Mulan, Aurora, Rapunzel, Red Ridinghood, Ariel ,Baelfire, Ursula, and Cora were all thrown out and confirmed with hearty maybes. 

Fans were also treated to a viewing of an a bonus feature on the DVD set to release August 18. There will be a blooper reel which includes lots of line flubs, missed marks, crazy faces, giggle fits, and prop malfunctions!

After this hilarious break, Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow White/Mary Margaret and Lana Parrilla who portrays Regina/the Evil Queen joined the stage.  After that there was no end to the revelations!

  • Parrilla says that Regina and Snow’s connection moment was when Mary Margaret told Regina about the secret they were keeping from Emma; Regina and Mary Margaret realized that was what the relationship between them should have always been (Not gonna lie, fellow Oncers, I teared up over that one for real)
  • One of Parrilla’s favorite scenes from the series is when Regina takes Mary Margaret’s heart out to show Snow it has blackness in it
  • Parrilla’s favorite line is “I shall destroy your happiness… if it’s the last thing I do!” from the wedding in the pilot; it was the only line she spoke in the auditions, and it sold Kitsis and Horowitz on her as the Evil Queen
  • Snow got to get dark in the finale, and Goodwin really liked being Evil Snow because it was the polar opposite of the real Snow White
  • Goodwin admits she has a “laughing problem” that takes up a lot of filming time on set
  • Emma will teach Mary Margaret about what it means to be be shades of dark, and Goodwin says Emma will make the perfect teacher
  • Snow will feel like a failure as a mother because the very thing she and Charming had been trying to prevent before Emma was even born has finally happened
  • In the Season 4 finale, Emma saves Regina by taking on the Darkness; Regina is going to feel responsible and kind of annoyed about it because now “she has to save Emma” back; Regina hates owing people, but recognizes that no one else has ever sacrificed themselves for her in her whole life
  • Everyone wants to save Emma, but everyone will have different opinions and motivations regarding how. Hook obviously has his reasons! And his motives seem the most practical! 

  • Camelot will be visited and the majority of the core characters will be there, along with “some friends of Snow” who don’t get to go on adventures, which fans take to mean the Dwarves 
  • Camelot is timeline concurrent with The Land Without Magic and the Enchanted Forest, with a past, present, and future all its own
  • Merida is the first Pixar character to be brought in, and her introduction will be as impressive and memorable as Snow and Charming’s meeting, or Regina’s crashing the Charming’s wedding
ABC/Jack Rowand
  • Kitsis and Horowitz assure us that Merida will definitely interact with a lot of characters

Then Jeffery opened the floor to questions for the panel and a guy cosplaying Jango Fett asked Goodwin who her favorite character on OUaT is. She replied Rumpelstiltskin, which made Jango a little sad SINCE IT WAS JOSH DALLAS IN COSTUME. Dallas had not been billed as appearing on the panel, so his addition to the stage was extremely exciting for fans!

Disney/Image Group LA

After Dallas’ addition, we learned:

  • Green screen mishaps abound on set!
  • On the set of the Jolly Roger in Season 3, the cast was hauling rope and helping with sails but had zero idea what they were actually supposed to do
  • Sometimes in physical fight scenes, the cast feels like they are awkward and unconvincing, but when they watch the finished scenes, they are pleasantly surprised that they made it look so intense
  • Charming and Arthur are going to have “a full on bromance” in Camelot
  • Charming went from a shepherd, to a prince, to a husband, to a father, and he has a huge heart, but he wonders if he can still be the prince his people needs, and if he can still have the adventures and quests of his glory days
  • Goodwin says the set is very fertile! Many OUaT cast members have become parents either through new births or children by marriage. When asked if that’s changed their relationships with their on-screen families, Goodwin said that she perceives love differently and more deeply. Parrilla is a real step-mother now of two boys who “feel like her own,” and she had to learn quickly to balance life and work since getting married. When she works with Jared S. Gilmore, who plays her adopted son Henry, she sometimes thinks of her youngest, Matthew.
  • Goodwin is a charter D23 member and says this event “isn’t like work, it’s like coming home.”

Jeffery then asked if the castmembers are Disney fans and rapid-fired a series of questions at the panel, wanting to know their favorite Disney things:

  • Dallas’s favorite Disney movie is Toy Story
  • Parrilla’s favorite Disney song is The Little Mermaid’s ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls,’ whose title she sang menacingly
  • Goodwin’s favorite Disney song is ‘Baby Mine’ from Dumbo

Epstein then asked them what their favorite Disney merchandise is. It was a good time to mention that both Snow White and the Evil Queen both have collector’s dolls being released this week. Goodwin and Parrilla were available for signing the limited edition dolls available for purchase at the Expo.

Courtesy of Disney
  • Dallas’ favorite Disney merch is a black Mickey Mouse t-shirt that he wears often
  • Parrilla’s favorite Disney item is a vintage Evil Queen figurine that her sister gave her

Epstein asked them about their favorite rides:

  • Parrilla quickly answered “Tower of Terror!”
  • Dallas somewhat predictably chose “Indiana Jones!”
  • Goodwin surprised and delighted many by proclaiming “Haunted Mansion!”

Lastly, The cast and creators hinted that Season 5’s overarching themes will be:

  • “Things aren’t always what they appear to be” 
  • “Love is a very dangerous weapon”

And then they revealed the one thing all Oncers were waiting for — A sneak peak at the first few minutes of the opening scene of Season 5, Episode 1!  Enjoy it here, then tell us what you think about it in the comments below!


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‘Behind the Magic’ of ‘Once Upon a Time’ at D23

This weekend Disney held its annual D23 Expo for fans where they unveiled future projects, big changes, new merchandise, and panels with celebrity interviews!

The Once Upon a Time panel, An Evening with Snow White & the Evil Queen, opened with a special behind the scenes feature. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas hosted the Behind the Magic tour of the Once Upon a Time set, showcasing Storybrooke and its environs!

Here is a recap of their quirky and rather adorable tour through the sets and lots that house their television home.

  • Goodwin introduces us to the lot where their main streets are laid out. This includes Granny’s diner where Josh Dallas is found cooking behind the counter
  • Fun fact: Dallas wanted to work as a cashier when he was little because he thought they got to keep all the money
  • In the Mayor’s office, the cast chairs are usually set up in the foyer; Mary Margaret’s song bird painting still hangs in the elegant but austere black and white office
  • Outside Goodwin loses Dallas again, but she finds Eduardo Castro, the head costume designer who points her in the possible direction of her husband
  • Down another hall we find a live set, the Blanchard loft– where we find Dallas asleep in their bed where they have been known to make … tacos *achem*
  • Mary Margaret has a collection of clocks and pictures of herself And Emma decorating her loft; the rarely seen bathroom is shown to ooh and aahs of the crowd
  • Dallas spots Jennifer Morrison, clad in her trademark red leather jacket, as she does her best Bigfoot-running-off-camera impression; Lana Parrilla wanders in munching on a pastry as Dallas whispers frantically, “It’s Lana, it’s Lana! Don’t look her in the eyes!” Parrilla turns to the camera and treats us with a look reminiscent of Mara daring the riders on Indiana Jones to make eye contact
  • Dallas leads us out to the back lot where he has once again lost Goodwin; at Stage 6 we find the outside of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop; inside we hear cackling from the back room, and we find Goodwin maniacally fiddling with the Dark One’s dagger
  • While Goodwin waves the Dagger around dangerously, Dallas tries to point out the more interesting props while avoiding the pointy end; Goodwin absconds casually with the Dagger
  • Dallas attempts to follow Goodwin and looks for her at Kraft Services; upon spotting her, he reminds her he will always find her; she offers him a piece of cheese…. skewered on the end of the Dagger

Thus concludes our Behind the Magic tour, written and hosted by Goodwin and Dallas! If you’d like to see the whole thing in glorious HD, look for in included in the Once Upon a Time DVD box set available August 18.

Did you attend D23? Tell us about it in the comments!

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NerdyBound: Mothers in Nerd Culture

Happy Mother’s Day!!! In honor of Mother’s Day today, I’m dedicating this week’s NerdyBound to the amazing moms we’ve known and loved in nerd culture. In preparation for this NerdyBound I tried to find sites, blog posts, and basically anything having to do with awesome moms in nerd culture. I found a lot of sites/posts dedicated to actual real life nerdy mothers out there, and although they left me with several new DIY projects I want to try out, none of them really led me to what I was looking for. Needless to say mothers are extremely underrepresented in the nerd world, which is kind of crazy (prepare for a huge order of cheese coming your way) because moms truly are the real superheroes of this world, and they deserve to be portrayed as such. Luckily, I read way too much and watch more TV/movies than any person should, and I already had a running list of my favorite moms ever to be written into existence for our entertainment. It was hard condensing that list, and I hated leaving characters out, but for the sake of my sanity and this article becoming too abstract I had to. I hope you enjoy the mothers I chose, and let me know who your favorite mom in nerd culture is. Have fun this Mother’s Day weekend and if you’re lucky enough to have a mom to call, go call her. Don’t just text and tell her how much you love her. Call, and above all, appreciate her.


Morticia Addams She’s a style icon with relationship goals and relates to her kids on a murderous level. Morticia is the full package.

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Malory Archer Who cares if she abandoned her son and sends him to his death in every episode? A mom that hooks you up with a spy gig and can drink with the best of them is a cool mom, right?

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Molly Weasley What can I say about Molly Weasley? She’s my fictional dream mother and went complete BAMF status on Bellatrix Lestrange. Who else can do that and live to tell the tale?!

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Alana from Saga The best thing I can say and the best thing I can ever do for you is demand that you read Saga, like right now. Seriously. Go.

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Mary Margaret/Snow I know there are several mothers on Once Upon a Time but if I did them all this would just turn into a OUaT NerdyBound. OUaT is one of the best shows out there that proudly portrays women with very powerful and complicated characteristics. They’re not afraid to show pregnant women as strong heroines and that speaks volumes. Also, you get to see all of your favorite fairy tales come to life. Who doesn’t want that in a show?

SnowShop the Look: Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot Dress $140, ModCloth Darling Short Length Long Sleeve Bow My Way Cardigan $40, Cherry Jam Wedge $65, Lena Erziak Clear Lucite Adam Apple Bag $655 Budget Friendly Option: Snow White Apple Handbag, Vintage Inspired Bouquet Brilliance Earrings $18, Fairytale, Scholastic Opening Line Necklace $15, White Lace Peter Pan Collar $11

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