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‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6 Photos Released!

We still don’t have the official trailer for the sixth season of The Walking Dead yet (we’re going to have to wait until AMC reveals it at Comic-Con on the 10th), but what better to way to pre-game for it (besides an extra bloody mary) than with some exclusive new photos from the season?

These photos come thanks to Entertainment Weekly, who revealed them in a special exclusive.

Judging by the bandages on Rick’s face, which are from wounds he received in his gruesome battle with love-triangle partner Pete, we can assume that Season 6 picks off pretty much right where Season 5 ended.

He isn’t wearing his constable uniform anymore, but he IS locked and loaded with what appears to be a rifle secured on his side. And since Alexandria was previously ever so strict about guns within the confines of the town (assuming this is within the town, which it kind of appears to be), it would now seem that the ricktatorship has been firmly implemented.

Daryl looks like, well, Daryl. No surprise here, but the fan service is much appreciated.

Our favorite couple seems to be in trouble… again. What the hell are Glenn and Maggie pointing their guns at? Walkers? Alexandrians? The Wolves? And is that a flying bullet in the upper left hand of the photo with Glenn?

It seems like they’re in genuine danger (and within the walls of Alexandria, at that), but perhaps Rick just has a new suns out guns out policy. Who knows.

Either way we’re going to have to wait until the 10th to get at least some of these questions answered. But knowing The Walking Dead’s history with trailers, we’ll probably just be getting a LOT more speculation.

Where do you think the season is going? Let us know in the comments below!



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