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‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Book Release!

Well, it has been nine years since the last Harry Potter book was released, and five since the last movie hit theatres.

This year, all things magical are about to take over the world again because the series will go on for years and years and new generations will find, discover and love it.

Today Pottermore announced that the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1&2, which releases this summer on stage in London, will release simultaneously in script book form. This is especially exciting news since not everyone has the funds and abilities to travel to England, and hell, even if you live in England these tickets are coveted and sold out through March 2017 (I know, I looked already because I’m traveling to Ireland/England this winter and the cheapest tickets I could find were like $2000 American. Big fat nope there).

Also being released will be the rehearsal addition, meaning at the time of first showing, this is what will be said on stage. Through rehearsals and reviews, we can only expect there to be revisions made, and later in the year the Definitive Collector’s Edition will release, which will be the amended and final version.

The rehearsal edition will be available for purchase on July 31, 2016, which is Harry’s birthday of course.

From Pottermore, the premise of the play is as follows:

The eighth story. Nineteen years later.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

You kind of have to wonder where this will eventually lead to, and whether there will be more than just this single book/play to come in the future. Part of me wants to see his son sort into any house other than Slytherin, but on his way to becoming a dark wizard. I think that might be an unpopular opinion, but you never know, I could be nailing it on the head.

October 2016 also sees the release of the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Jim Kay.

2017 is the 20th anniversary of the first publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK, and to honor this occasion, they will once again be re-releasing the first book, this time Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff themes. The Hogwarts library of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Tales of Beetle the Bard will see new versions, Fantastic which of course is being expanded upon.

THAT’S NOT ALL THOUGH FOLKS! Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them also will be released this year on November 18, 2016 and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Los Angeles opens April 7, 2016.


What are you most excited to see from the Harry Potter universe? Let us know in the comments!

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Harry Potter Play to Open Next Year!

Muggles rejoice! Harry Potter is getting the theatrical treatment!

J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany have joined epic forces to bring a brand new, never before told story about Harry Potter to the stage.

The play, titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, opens next summer at the Palace Theatre in London, with tickets going on sale this autumn.

Rowling announced the exciting news this morning (well, her morning) on her official website.

We don’t know much about the plot of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet, but we do know that it will be set when Harry was just a wee lad, still an infant in the ways of magic.

She actually teased the play a couple years ago (yup, this has been in production for a while!) in an official release, releasing these plot details:

This brand new play, which will be developed for the UK theatre, will explore the previously untold story of Harry’s early years as an orphan and outcast. Featuring some of our favourite characters from the Harry Potter books, this new work will offer a unique insight into the heart and mind of the now legendary young wizard.  A seemingly ordinary boy, but one for whom Destiny has plans…

Although it will tell the untold story of Harry’s early years, the play will NOT be a prequel, a fact which Rowling herself stressed on Twitter:

This means that the story will most likely take place during one of Harry’s summer breaks from Hogwarts, a time frame that was rarely explored in the books.

But don’t expect to hear many plot details from Rowling! She will be keeping tight lipped about the play until it premiers next summer in London.

There is no word yet on whether or not the show will ever expand to Broadway in New York City, but for the sake of Potter fans everywhere lets sure as hell hope so!

How do you feel about Harry Potter hitting the stage? Let us know in the comments! 

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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 309, “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

All of the action is coming together in the penultimate episode of this season of Orphan Black! Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix have landed in England to search for the Castor original. First stop, Siobhan’s old neighborhood in London. They stop in a pub to meet Terry who has helped Siobhan procure a gun and who gets them some welcome pints. Sarah’s like, “What, no foreplay?” and Siobhan’s like, “Um, no. This Castor original needs to go, and I’m going to take him out.”

Dr. Coady performs her weird logic test on Rudy who is having some difficulty with it now. He is frustrated and wants to know how long he has before he goes the way of his brothers. Coady assures him that someone will crack Duncan’s code any day now and they’ll save him.

As Gemma practices her karate moves, Helena looks on and gives her some encouragement. She tells Gemma that being small can be a good thing and walks her through a quick and violent takedown perfect for smaller folks. Gemma’s clearly uncomfortable and Gracie walks in and thankfully puts a stop to the demonstration. Remembering that she’s to be a mother, Helena agrees that she’s walking a different path now.

Terry and Siobhan recount to Sarah and Felix the story of how Terry helped steal Sarah from the orphanage all those years ago. It becomes apparent that they had several safe houses back then, but Siobhan wants to get back to business. She shows Terry the decoded note that Rachel wrote and it doesn’t make much sense to him, except the number at the end. He says the original is or was likely a guest of Her Majesty (I enjoy that analogy) and is older guy from the number sequence. Terry tells Siobhan that he’ll speak to a friend and it shouldn’t take long to put a name to the number.

In a sort of daze, Gracie finds Alison in the garage and Alison immediately begins ticking off orders to her. When Gracie tells Alison she has a doctor’s appointment, Alison graciously gives her the day off – but only then does she wonder where her husband is.

Donnie wakes up on the floor of the stock room of Bubbles and surveys himself in a bedazzled mirror: his left eye is swollen shut and he’s got blood dripping from his nose. As he tries to patch himself up, he gets a call from Alison. He spins some lies about his whereabouts since last night and Alison asks him to mind the store today while she campaigns, and he agrees.

Cosima drinks some tea while Shay showers and then she decides to read the file that Delphine gave her. Initially it’s relatively innocuous: ID, form, creepy surveillance photos of the two of them. Then Cosima reaches the part of the file about Shay’s military affiliation – and Shay finishes her shower and enters the room. Cosima stuffs the file back into her bag and makes and excuse about having to do paperwork at the lab before leaving. Shay looks a little taken aback.

At Bubbles, Donnie hears a knock on the door as he cleans up the stock room from his fight with Jason. It’s Jason’s Do Dirt Dude, Lionel, and he wrecks all of Donnie’s progress. Lionel’s searching for the pills because Pouchy wants them back as Jason no longer vouches for Donnie and Alison. While he messes up the stock, he finds Helena’s stashed babies and, deciding that it looks important, decides to keep it until Donnie squares up with Pouchy.

Cosima goes to visit Scott and they look through the file together. He’s unconvinced that Shay is a spy but Cosima thinks the fact that Shay noticed Dr. Moreau when Cosima brought her to visit the lab – right before Rudy showed up – is a dead giveaway. Not to mention, Shay brought up Sarah alleging that Cosima sleep talks; Cosima is adamant that she doesn’t do that creepy shit. Scott wonders if Shay knew that Cosima had been sick again, as Rudy did, and Cosima confirms this. She feels terrible for being so blinded and for putting the others at risk.

Felix doesn’t love English food so much and they reminisce about Siobhan’s youth. Just then, three more of her cronies happen by: Christy, Kieran, and …. . Apparently, the four were in a band who played at the pub every Friday night. Thinking about the good old days, everyone agrees they should put on another show.

Terry lets himself into a creepily still and dusty building as he calls Siobhan. He leaves a message that he’s got something for her and leaves word how she can find him and then is startled by a truly creepy guy sitting on a dilapidated couch in the next room. Not to be out-creeped, Ferdinand emerges from the shadows behind Terry and it quickly becomes apparent that Terry has made some sort of deal with Topside. Terry tells Ferdinand that Siobhand and her two kids just arrived and when he alleges he doesn’t know why they’re in England, the creepy couch man wraps an electrical cord around Terry’s throat, strangling him.

As Siobhan and the band begin their set, Terry continues to be choked but puts up a fight – even after being shoved through a window. Terry puts up an admirable fight at Ferdinand watches idly by, but the creepy guy gets the upper hand and has Terry crawling and spitting out teeth soon enough. Ferdinand says, “You will tell me what I need to know,” and the creepy guy approaches them, swinging the electrical cord around his head like a lasso.

Sarah congratulates Siobhan on a great performance, then wonders aloud if they really have to kill the Castor original. Siobhan is like, “Girl, do you remember how they’re out there sterilizing women? YES, he has to die.” Then she notices her missed call from Terry. As she calls him back, Ferdinand and the creepy guy interrogate Terry as the guy beats him across the face with the electrical cord. Getting no answer, Siobhan tells Sarah to grab Felix so they can head over to see him.

Helena is having a good old time mixing soaps and and singing into a wooden spoon. Gracie arrives to tell Helena that she’s off to her doctor’s appointment, but the goodbye she gave her looked more like she’s running away. Through the windows of the garage, Helena notices Donnie sneaking back into the house and sneaks up on him as he raids the cabinets. She wonders why he’s so beat up and he lies poorly about what happened to him. She tells him to sit and promises to fix him and make the pain go away – maybe in exchange for some truth – and Donnie is putty in her hands.

Cosima arrives back at Dyad to speak to Delphine, who musters all of her smugness to tell Cosima, “I told you so.” Delphine asks why she’s back at Dyad since she quit, and Cosima reminds her that she said she couldn’t quit Dyad. Cosima owns up to her mistakes and apologizes for not trusting Delphine, and Delphine asks what Cosima’s not telling her now. So Cosima tells her that Sarah’s in London on a mission to kill the Castor original as they speak and needs to know who gave them the book. Delphine’s like, “I’m on it.”

Helena has mixed up a concoction to make Donnie’s bruises better, just like they used when the nuns used to beat the demons from them in the orphanage! She tells him that he must have much more interesting stories, though, like ones that star drug dealers and large sums of money…and a fight, perhaps? Donnie regrets getting involved with Jason and as he explains what he must do to make things right again, he casually mentions that they took Helena’s tank from under the counter. Immediately, she tries to control her temper but asks where they are, promising to take care of things. Donnie reminds her that she walks a new path now and she doesn’t think Alison will like how things have turned out. He says that it’s up to him to take care of his family, which includes Helena now, so he’ll fix it.

Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix arrive at Terry’s to find him badly beaten and still tied to the chair. He swears he told them nothing of use and Siobhan tasks Sarah and Felix with finding something to stop all the bleeding. Terry says again that he told them nothing, but says there’s something she should know and whispers to her. As Sarah and Felix come back, Terry dies and Siobhan tells them that they’re done and are going home. She hands over her gun and tells them to go back to the pub and wait for her. On the way out, Sarah spots and swipes a phone lying on the floor.

Outside, Sarah tells Felix that they aren’t going to the pub and whips out the phone. She thinks that calling Terry’s people might jangle loose the bit of information he discovered before he was killed and calls back a number that appeared twice in the recent call log. The man answers gruffly and, pretending to be Siobhan, Sarah sets up a meet in the square in an hour. Felix isn’t thrilled with the plan but knows he needs to go with her, and across the way, Ferdinand and his creepy couch guy keep tabs on them.

Felix again expresses his wariness and Sarah’s plan gets even shakier: if the guy they’re meeting gets spooked by Sarah not being Siobhan, she’ll use the nice new gun to intimidate him. Then, a taxi arrives for “Siobhan” and Sarah and Felix climb in back.

Donnie takes Helena with him over to Pouchy’s to return the pills. Leaving her in the car, he and his beat up face walk inside and he tries to make nice in this really aggressive environment. As he is getting no reaction from anyone (apart from fish-eyed stares), he puts the merchandise down and only asks to have Helena’s tank back. Luisa wonders why he wants it back if he “doesn’t know what’s inside,” so Donnie spills that it’s embryos – but he lies and says they’re for him and his wife. He tells Pouchy that if he gets the tank back (along with a reimbursement for the pills) they’ll be square. This is hilarious to the gang, who all laugh in Donnie’s face. Just then, Helena shows up at the door disguised (slightly) as Alison. She does a bad job disguising her accent but Luisa hands the tank over anyway. But instead of giving Donnie the money back, Pouchy and Luisa inform Donnie that he and Alison will now be laundering his money through Bubbles (like they had planned to do), so Donnie and Helena-as-Alison high tail it out of there – until Luisa threatens Oscar and Gemma. Helena pushes Donnie outside and locks him out and turns on the group, saying they “should not threaten babies.” Oh damn.

Smug Delphine pays Shay a visit – along with two guards. She bullies Shay into taking a seat and it looks just like the beginning of an interrogation.

The taxi driver pulls into an empty alley and forces Felix and Sarah out of the car before roughing Felix up. After clearing up their actual identities and connections to the real Siobhan, the taxi driver realizes he was also one of the guys who tracked and hid Sarah all those years ago. Sarah remembers he’s Kassov and asks him what he told Terry. Kassov hands over a print out on a prisoner named Kendall Malone, imprisoned for aggravated homicide in 1978. Felix notices a current address on the paper and they ask to be taken there.

Donnie tries to smooth the situation over with Alison over the phone, telling her everything is fine – until Helena walks out of Pouchy’s warehouse absolutely covered in blood and holding the shear from the paper cutter and a black bag. Donnie asks her what she’s done and she’s like, “I just got a refund, that’s all,” and they leave in a big hurry.

Now barefoot, Shay tells Delphine again that she’s not a corporate spy. Delphine remarks that Shay sure has a lot of nice stuff and when Shay says it’s none of her business how she earns money, Delphine retorts that it is her business if she’s bankrolled by Castor. This confuses Shay but one thing becomes clear: this must be why Cosima was acting weird. She tells Delphine she’s acting like a Single White Female and Delphine runs a bath and pulls a razor blade out of her boot ominously.

Elsewhere, Helena runs water, too – to clean off all the blood on her hands. Donnie hides the money in their deep freeze and tells Helena she should shower before Alison comes home. Helena thanks Donnie for saving her babies and leaves the garage, just in time for Alison to arrive home. Seeing his face, she asks what happened and he’s like, “Well, for starters, we’re rich now…”

Delphine shuts off the bath and begins to tell Shay about a girl she knew who tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists in the bathtub. Helpful as always, Delphine says the girl did it wrong: she should have cut the metatarsal arteries on her feet, too. Suddenly it’s clear why Shay’s barefoot. Gulp.

Runaway Gracie calls Cosima to thank her for helping her and gives her a message for everyone: “I’m sorry.” Turns out, Gracie was the mole for Castor. They told her she could help save Mark if she handed over Dr. Moreau and she did it so she could be with the man she loves. She hangs up when Mark and the man on the bench pull up to retrieve her, leaving Cosima reeling over her mistake at suspecting Shay.

Speaking of Shay, she maintains her innocence as Delphine continues to threaten her. Just then, Delphine gets a call from Cosima clearing up the confusion and she looks right pissed she’s not going to get to kill Shay.

As they arrive at the address on the print out, Kassov says he thinks he shook a tail they had a ways back. He points Sarah and Felix in the right direction and drives away, leaving the two there. Sarah thinks finding Kendall asleep makes for ideal assassination conditions and assigns Felix lookout duty while she does the dirty work.

A couple of blocks away, Kassov pulls his taxi over and gets an unexpected fare: Ferdinand.

Back at Dyad, Delphine takes a call from Ferdinand who clues her in to his current doings and whereabouts. He accuses Delphine of keeping secrets from Topside since Sarah’s supposed to be in Dyad’s custody. Delphine encourages him to come visit her so they can straighten things out and as he exits the taxi, we see Kassov in the front seat with his throat cut ear to ear.

Sarah creeps inside Kendall Malone’s address and finds a stack of mail confirming it is his residence. She pulls her gun out as she nervously makes her way down the hallway and Felix waits impatiently outside. When Sarah reaches the bedroom she finds it empty – bed still made and all – and we see a car pulling up near Felix outside. With her back turned, Sarah is startled by an older woman wielding a knife. The woman backs Sarah into the kitchen as Sarah tries in vain to convince the woman she’s not there to hurt her. She pulls her gun out (torpedoing that argument) and they notice a shadow approaching the door as the woman asserts that she is Kendall Malone. Then Siobhan walks in and tells Sarah to lower her gun, greeting the older woman as “mother.”

In a tense standoff in the kitchen, we learn that dear old mum killed Siobhan’s first love, John, which is why she went to prison, but what neither Siobhan nor Sarah understand is why Professor Duncan would direct them to her in a search for the Castor original. Kendall drops the knife and says she knew this would crop up eventually, but she hoped she’d be dead already.

Outside, Felix is freezing his bollocks off when he notices a car approach. As the car shuts its headlights off, Felix hides in a shadow.

Kendall says Duncan came to Newton testing inmates for “cancer research,” but she never believed the lie. She knew Duncan was looking for a male donor and he found one – her. Apparently, Kendall had absorbed her male twin in utero, giving her two sets of DNA.

Felix hurriedly texts Sarah that someone might be there and Siobhan turns on the stove preparing to blow the whole place to bits – then turns the gun on Kendall. They have to destroy every scrap of DNA, after all, including the living original. Sarah is horrified that Siobhan is willing to kill her mother and reminds her that if Kendall is the Castor original and has two cell lines, that means she’s the Leda original, too, but Siobhan doesn’t lower her gun an inch.

The Questions: Will Gracie be safe with Mark and the man on the bench? How will Delphine lie her way out of this one when Ferdinand arrives? What will Alison do when she finds out exactly what Helena did? And is Siobhan really going to kill her own mother? (Slash, Siobhan essentially raised one of her many aunts! How crazy is that?!)

All photos courtesy of BBC America.

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Penny Dreadful Fashion Collection

Hot Topic is premiering their exclusive limited edition fashion collection all inspired by Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. This year, Hot Topic is collaborating with the pop culture entertainment world to bring us one of a kind fashion collections inspired by our favorite shows and movies. I was a huge fan of their first collection featuring Orphan Black, they literally had me screaming with delight with their Avenger’s collection, and their new Penny Dreadful collection is no exception.

In order to truly appreciate this collection, it really helps if you’re familiar with the series. Penny Dreadful is a psychological horror drama set in Victorian London. The series, a horror fiction fan’s dream, is influenced heavily by Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dracula, and the name itself refers to the penny dreadfuls of the day. Penny dreadfuls were stories that were exploitative in nature about the supernatural, detectives, and criminals; they were printed on cheap pulp paper and sold for a penny in 19th century Britain. The show is currently airing its second season Sunday nights on Showtime. It’s filled with mystery, old magic, and has a beautiful romantic Gothic feel to it. This romantic Gothic influence is exhibited throughout the entire collection. If you have a love for turn of the century Victorian London, and a fascination with the macabre, this collection was made for you. Let’s go through it piece by piece:

Scorpion Print Dress

The scorpion is the chosen symbol for one of the show’s lead characters Vanessa Ives, she’s a medium fascinated with the supernatural and literally fighting good and evil within her. The scorpion is a known symbol in astrology representing death and regeneration, and is associated with people that are enigmatic, passionate, and obsessed with secrets. So you can see why the scorpion is so heavily featured throughout this collection. I’m a sucker for anything with a Peter Pan collar on it and this dress features such lovely detail on the collar. You would think that with a scorpion print, the scorpion collar would be going overboard, but they made it in such a way that it looks like it’s made out of lace and not the bodies of scorpions. The color is perfect and gives the dress flexibility to be dressed up as an evening look or down as a daytime dress. The collar and the cupped sleeves make for a very innocent and sweet look, but the print brings that Penny Dreadful darkness to it and I’m loving that disparity.

Scorpion Tank Top

This top is all about that back. There’s something so beautiful about mixing the lace flowers with the scorpions. I’m glad they left the front empty, it would’ve been too much otherwise. I almost want to get this a size too big and wear it as a dress. I don’t like the styling they chose for the model; I get why they did it since it’s Penny Dreadful, but I would style this as a summer look with no other prints, to keep the focus on the back.

Portrait Print Dress

This is most certainly an homage to Dorian Gray. In the show Dorian Gray is beautiful with an artistic view on life, and he dresses with style. I like that the dress features several symbols from the show, but that they’re not so specific that someone that isn’t a fan couldn’t wear this. My favorite part of this dress besides that it looks super comfortable and stretchy, is the hemline. The slanting in the hem is very flattering and gives the illusion of curves where there aren’t any, and at the same time is slimming. I would wear this dress everywhere.

Map of London 1891 Dress

This is my favorite dress from the collection! I pre-ordered this dress as soon as I saw it. I know it’s a map of London, but it has a romantic Parisian feel to it. I love the way they styled it with those lace up tights. You could potentially cosplay as a Queen in this dress. I love the antique look of the map and the open back with lace. So much detail went into this, down to the spiders and Frankenstein’s monster stitches.

Scorpion Illusion Neckline Tank Top

This is the only look that really fell flat for me. I feel like they just needed an extra piece and came up with this. The illusion neckline looks like scorpions hanging off of spiders; it’s not delicate, it’s bold. That leaves little room for when to wear this. If it was delicate, you could wear it to work or as a casual look, but the boldness means you could only really wear this around Halloween time. And if you’re saying it’s not that bad, you’re right. It’s worse: boring.

Victorian Jacket

The way they styled this jacket is perfect. It’s exactly how I would wear this. This jacket screams “Rock Me Amadeus” with an edge. This jacket also gives you the versatility to wear it as part of a more feminine look. Honestly, I could do without the laces on the side, however, the jacket is awesome. It just doesn’t need the extra detail, especially since the fabric is stretchy and you could just size down if you wanted that cinched in look. Although, I do like the option of corseting it in.

All of these pieces are available in plus sizes up to 3X, which is amazing because these are beautiful designs. How many retailers out there are offering their main fashion line in plus sizes? If plus size is lucky enough to be an option, it’s certainly always the less stylish version of the featured design. Hot Topic doesn’t do that and I love them for it. I can’t wait to see what they do next. All of their limited edition collections sell out fast, so if I were you, I would start ordering now.  You can pre-order the collection right now at Hot Topic before it hits stores on May 26!

Which piece was your favorite? Who would you like to see Hot Topic collaborate with on their next fashion collection? Let us know in the comments.

All images are property of Hot Topic


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