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Film Friday: ‘Me Him Her’ Review

Me Him Her is being marketed as a romantic comedy, which is so weird to me! When I think “rom com,” I think cliche, vanilla, popcorn flicks starring Kate Hudson. I definitely don’t picture Max Landis‘ (writer of Chronicle and American Ultra) colorful and spirited directorial debut following twenty-somethings Cory (90210‘s Dustin Milligan), Brendan (Point Break‘s Luke Bracey), and Gabbi (The Leftovers’ Emily Meade) as they question their identity and sexuality and struggle to figure out life, all while alarming Los Angeles residents, floating through space, and engaging in dramatic sword fights (no joke)! This whimsical and zany film was definitely a stand out.

Check out my thoughts of the film in the video below:


Me Him Her Quick Facts:
Written and Directed by:
 Max Landis
Cast: Luke Bracey, Dustin Milligan, Emily Meade, Alia Shakwat, Geena Davis, and Haley Joel Osment
Studio: Filmbuff
Runtime: 97 min.

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Be sure to watch Me Him Her during its limited release or through video on demand beginning March 11, 2016!

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