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‘X-Files’ Episode 3 Recap

X-Files Season 10×3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Where to begin with this episode?

I will say right now, I have been a pretty devoted fan, and would have to say this episode is in my top ten, maybe even top five episodes.

This episode is about a man, a lizard man, at that, that is a were-human? He’s a lizard man, but upon being attacked by a human, starts to turn into a human, much to his chagrin. When becoming human, he has natural human feelings: get dressed, find food, get a job, pay bills, get a dog for a companion.
The episode opens up with Mulder and Scully, almost in a reverse places. She has to convince HIM to go seeking the truth, by luring him with an “it has a monster” line. You see, Mulder is now skeptical that his life has been a lie, and he’s finding out that all the things they once researched or would have researched has been debunked. But, the fact remains, there are dead people in this town and they are being sent to investigate it.



At this point, I am already howling with laughter because for me, they are making it semi-realistic that Mulder has led a very sheltered life and doesn’t know how to properly use a camera phone. After some shenanigans, they see the lizard run into a port-a-potty, only to see a guy sitting there using the bathroom. Hmm…


The scene that follows is sweet. While yes, it is taking place during an autopsy, Mulder is going on about what he caught on film and Scully just stands there, trying to do her work, giving him side glances. You can tell she’s enjoying herself –  and Mulder notices – prompting her to happily admit that she’s missed these types of cases.

Mulder learns that there are several more people who are seeing the lizard man, one of which is the owner of the motel they’re staying at, who has an interesting way of looking on his guests, à la the jackalope.


After Scully has a run in with the lizard man (who in his ginger form is known as Guy Mann), Mulder tracks him down at a local cemetery, where he tells Mulder (after he tries to get Mulder to kill him) the story of how he came to be a were-human, and his instincts. Mulder doesn’t seem pleased when he talks of scandalous acts with Scully, which of course were falsified, as Mann feels he needs to lie about his sex life now that he’s human.


Guy Mann ended up leaving after spinning his tale, and Mulder then drank himself into a stupor. Scully calls and wakes him up, and his ringtone is none other than the X-Files theme, which made me giggle even further. She says she’s at the Animal Shelter wanting to ask Pasha, the animal catcher that was present for all the killings, if he knew anything, only to be attacked by him.


By the time Mulder got there, Pasha was detained and telling those around him that ever since he was young, he felt the urge to attack people and gnaw on them. They tell him to save it for the courts as he is taken away, and Scully ends up taking in the dog Guy Mann adopted (but which ran away), in a very hysterical, uncharacteristic way for her. Sketchy Scully I am now calling her.


The episode ends with Mulder seeing Guy off. He sheds his clothes, hopeful that he doesn’t not turn human again during his hibernation, which apparently lasted 10,000 years. He scurries into the woods and his gone.


Overall, this is by far one of my favorite episodes, probably top five even. For me, there weren’t any flaws in writing and direction. These are the kinds of episodes I live for –  those sort of tongue in cheek, offbeat types. I’m hoping we see at least one more episode like this during this short run.

Or, ya know, they can just order a full 20 episode season 11…

What are your opinions on the new season of The X-Files so far? Let us know in the comments!

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Fan Film Friday: The X-sy O-sy Files (X-Files Fan Film)

If someone had asked you a few years ago which was more likely: A) Being abducted by aliens or B) The X-Files returning to television, you’d probably have picked “A” (especially if you’re theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking). It seems funny now, because you’d have to be stranded on Mars to not know that FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dr. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) returned to the X-Files in all new episodes of Fox’s sci-fi thriller on January 24, 2016.

As a child of the 90s, The X-Files was everything to my nerdy little family. I vividly remember my parents and grandparents telling me that the show was too scary to watch. I recall scoffing at them, insisting on watching the program, and then having nightmares about monsters and space crafts and porcelain dolls (oh my). For years I literally could not watch the show because it gave me the heebie jeebies!

Now, as an adult, I am in full-fledged binge watching mode, catching up on a decade of television episodes and movies about adventures with the unexplained and mysterious!

So, in honor of the return of the program and in spirit of my current marathon, I decided to watch and review an X-Files themed fan film called The X-sy O-sy Files. Unlike it’s dramatic (and sometimes down right frightening) source of inspiration, The X-sy O-sy Files is a comedy that spoofs the original source material. 

Do I recommend it to you, GeekGirl World? The truth is out there! (No, really! The truth is in my video. Check it out!)

Watch The X-sy O-sy Files and let us know what you think, GeekGirl World!

Want more Fan Film Friday fun? Tune in to past reviews!

Watch The X-Files miniseries Mondays at 8/7c on Fox, now through February 22, 2016!

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‘The X-Files’ Episodes 1 and 2 Recaps

First of, let me get this off my chest:


Seriously, this was one of my show growing up, and I was really the only one of my friends that watched it. Heck, my parents didn’t like the show, so I sat on my twin bed with a 15” TV, sometimes with my dog, watching this show that would years later after being thought about, turn into one of my first fandoms.

And let me tell you, so far, this new series (or special if you want to call it that) is in no way disappointing me in the least bit.

Episode 1: My Struggle

Season 10 had already started out with a bang, in more ways than one. It begins with Mulder recapping the series 1-9 with his partner, lover, wife, ex, Dana Scully.

But then Mulder starts talking about aliens, most specifically Roswell in 1947, and whether we’re truly alone, and if the government isn’t using alien technology against us, and not helping us.

We see a little piece of that, as a young medical doctor is brought to the crash site during clean up.

Then we move to present day to see the medical doctor we have all grown to love and miss, Dana Scully. Getting ready to head into surgery, she is stopped be her assistant because of a phone call, none other than Walter Skinner Assistant Director FBI, looking for  her, or rather Mulder.

What I am gathering at this point, is Mulder and Scully have divorced, and Mulder has gone so far off the grid for fear of the government that no one can find him, even Scully mentions she barely knows  how to contact him.


The call was to find Mulder because Tad O’Malley, a super conspiracy theorist that runs a television show ‘Truth Squad’ wants to talk to him about a woman named Sveta, someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens since she was a teen. Scully being the skeptic she still is, takes Sveta back to work with her and runs some tests, she’s spooked because Sveta reads her mind, talking about her son, William, her and Mulder gave up for adoptions to protect her.


Tad then takes Mulder to a secret place where he sees alien technology up close in the form of an ARV, Alien Replica Vehicle. His eyes are opened to the government has had this technology since the forties, and the government is using it against us.

Mulder heads to Sveta’s to ask her a few more questions, primarily why she looked at Tad when asked about the abductions. She reveals that she doesn’t believe that it’s aliens abducting her but, man.


Meanwhile, Scully is in Tad’s limo, sipping champagne (which I super disliked. Why, why do you have to try to shove Tad down our throats, Scully would never go for it) when Mulder calls her, telling her he’s figuring out the pieces. Mulder then heads to the FBI headquarters to look through the X-Files, knowing he’s been purposefully mislead for years.

There are a couple of things said in the following scenes I think that are very truthful to how Americans at this point feel as well, and one of them is that we turn to police to be safe, but we’ve never been in more danger, and the next is said through Tad during his show and how people are fearful martial law and losing their gun rights. I like how they’re bringing present problems to the show, and backing up their reasoning here.

We then meet an old guy that Mulder calls up, the doctor from the Roswell crash, asking him about what’s going and that he’s so close, but he just can’t figure out the why.

He joins Scully and Tad back at Sveta’s. Tad talks about all the things that have happened since the Roswell Crash, and how the US government is controlling us, through weather, or consumerism, fear and everything in between, how they are abducting people for their own use, splicing human and alien DNA to create a better universe and eventual world take over. He wants to blow the whistle on this, and he plans to do so on the show.

However, somehow, these people must have gotten to Tad and Sveta. Sveta goes on air saying Tad told her say these things and she’s sorry she lied. She then disappears and Tad’s site goes offline. The ARV is destroyed by people is heavy vehicles, Sveta is then killed by an alien aircraft that explodes her car.

The episode closes out with Mulder meeting Scully in a garage. Everyone is gone, and she wants the truth out there. She comes out and says she lied about Sveta’s test results being negative, and that she too is one of these people that is harboring DNA.

One of the last lines of the show is, “Are you ready for this?” “I don’t know if there’s a choice here.”

And no, there is no choice, but to sit on your couch and continue to watch the next episode.

Episode 2: The Founder’s Mutation

The show opens with a guy named Sanjay doing a retinal scan. His eyes are bloodshot and he just looks haggard. He hears a ringing in his ear, but it settles and he heads into a meeting with other coworkers.



There, birds begin to gather and the ringing returns, eventually driving him to the point of asking those around him if they can hear it too. He then locks himself into a secured room, hearing voices telling him to do it while he works on a computer. The ringing gets more intense and he scribbles something on his hand before taking a letter opener and shoving it through his ear and killing himself.


Mulder and Scully then go to investigate and are met with issues, Mulder steals Sanjay’s phone to see if he can find anything in it about what’s going on. He finds a friend in his phone, Gupta, whose name means secret, and meets up with him to see if he knows anything. After a miscommunication, he find out Sanjay led a double life and the fact that his kids were dying was causing him trouble.

Scully performs an autopsy and find that “founders mutation” is written on his hand which leads to a doctor names Augustus Goldman, a donor at the hospital where Scully works.

They head to Sanjay’s apartment, where they almost hit a kid in the road. Once inside,  Mulder’s head begins ringing much like Sanjay’s upon seeing his kids that have various genetic mutations.


They head to the hospital to try to get in contact with Dr. Goldman, which Scully’s head agrees to relay a message. There they find Agnes, a pregnant woman who wants to leave the place because she’s fearful and wants someone to talk to.

They eventually make it to see Dr. Goldman and the mutated kids, where they find out some information. Scully then asks about their DNA and if it has anything to do with alien, in which there is an incident and they are kicked out of the ward. Scully ponders are to whether she was just an incubator for these people with William, and Mulder says, “ You’re never ‘just’ anything to me.” Which is probably one of the most sappiest, sweetest lines I’ve heard, and I loved it.

Upon leaving they run into an accident, and find that Agnes has been hit and killed, the baby having long since been surgically removed prior to the accident.

Having learned that Dr. Goldman’s wife had been committed after the death of her unborn son, they visit her, and it is revealed that her daughter, Molly, was a subject in her husband’s lab and has powers, and that upon cutting her child out of stomach, does not believe he’s dead.

Come to find out, the janitor kid, the one they almost hit at Sanjay’s apartment, is her son Kyle, and they seek him and his mom out. He’s the cause for the head pains and sounds. Upon hearing his sister is alive and well, Scully and Mulder take Kyle to the hospital, where his bio dad, Dr. Goldman, take him to another girl who is not his sister. He leaves and searchers her out, and when he does find her, finds that there is a telepathic connection and they can break things with their minds. Feeling threatened, they throw Scully across the room and incapacitate Mulder and kill their dad in a pretty gruesome scene.


All in all, these first two episodes were amazing in my opinion, and I am anxiously awaiting next Monday so we can see what other adventures are in store.

It’s too bad this is only a six episode event, hopefully this is a test run to see if there’s enough response to get the show running again, which I will love endlessly and watch every episode religiously.

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Review: ‘The X-Files’ Season 10 Episode 1

The X-Files may not be coming back to television until early next year, but lucky panel goers at New York Comic Con over the weekend were able to see it months before anyone else!

I was among one of those lucky folks who got into the panel, but now that I think about it, ‘lucky’ might not be the right word.

I woke up at 3 am and drove from my home in Western Massachusetts to Manhattan in order to make sure I was in line at the Javits Center by 7 am, waited three hours in the cold to get my wristband for the The X-Files panel, and then waited another subsequent two hours waiting for the panel to begin.

I fuckin’ EARNED my seat for the X-Files panel, and I assure you that no luck was involved in that grueling process.

And now that I’ve have had ample time to rest, relax, and reflect upon the experience, I can say with absolute certainty that the first episode of, can you believe it, SEASON 10 OF THE X-FILES, was totally worth every aching hour.

When the main stage lights finally dimmed, two very large projector screens on either side of the room lit up in their place. Familiar images from the show began to come forth, and David Duchovny’s voice echoed throughout the hall as he gave viewers old and new a basic run down of the story. His monologue ended with the old opening credits, and in turn, roaring applause from the audience. It was then that the first episode of season 10 truly began.

The story continues over a decade after it ended, and a lot has definitely happened in that time span, both in terms of the characters and the greater world at large.

The X-Files have been closed, and Mulder and Scully have separated (but they are still on speaking terms due to the obvious fact that they have a child together). Scully continues her work as a surgeon, while Mulder seems to have become a character reminiscent of his brief appearance in Zoolander – socially deprived, a bit unkempt, and obsessed with conspiracies (but what else is new).

Their characters may now be separated, but David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson still have retained their on-screen connection after all these years, and seeing them act together felt natural and familiar. It appears that they both have eased back into the characters that skyrocketed them to fame flawlessly and with ease.

After viewing the episode I do have one complaint about their connection, but it’s not about the acting.

Separating the couple was a decision made in the writer’s room to undoubtedly bring some drama into the story, but it was far too obvious a move to make. The Mulder x Scully romance already played out for 9 seasons, and while one may argue that their separation brings in an element of realism, I say that it’s time to retire that plot line.

But their relationship issues are just one minor part of a bigger, more modern story line focused around the post 9/11 and Snowden world we live in, and the issues that have come to light since then.

Now the dangers our country faces have more to do with security and government honesty, and less about little green men and spacecrafts. It was absolutely refreshing to see this angle brought into the X-Files world, and it absolutely worked in the first episode. This is definitely an X-Files for modern times, as it touches on modern concerns and fears (but don’t worry, there’s still aliens!).

Plus, Mulder and Scully are now texting, watching podcasts, and talking about Uber. How much more modern can you get?

Also modernized for 2015 is the show’s special effects, which were absolutely fantastic in episode 1. But that’s to be expected… a lot has changed in the special effects field since The X-Files debuted over 20 years ago. Trying to compare the effects of then to now is like trying to compare apples to mutated oranges who wield crossbow made from the bones of their enemies. You just can’t compare it.

There isn’t too much to say about the episode without getting into spoiler territory, but I can say this of it: It was was riveting, mind boggling, and just plain enjoyable.  If the first episode of season 10 serves to remind fans of anything, it’s that the truth is out there… but just know that the truth may not be what we all once thought it was.

But here’s one truth you can put your faith in: the season premiere of The X-Files in January is absolutely going to knock your socks off.

Now can they please release episode 2 early?!

The X-Files returns to Fox for the first time in 13 years on January 24. Tell us, do you want to believe it will be a success? Let us know in the comments!

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