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Comic Review: ‘The Nikopol Trilogy’


The Nikopol Trilogy

Synopsis: For thirty years, Herakles Nikopol has floated alone in space, sentenced to cryo-preservation. When he finally returns to Earth, the year is 2023, and the world has been ravaged by two nuclear wars! But the strangest change in the world floats above Paris – a giant pyramid, home to the recently returned Egyptian Gods, who would like to reclaim humanity as theirs, if only they could all agree…

Written by: Enki Bilal

Art by: Enki Bilal

Publisher: Titan Comics

Release Date: March 16, 2016

Price: $34.99

Before the summary starts, I would like to note that this comic includes adult language and themes, and as such is not appropriate for young readers.

Summary & Review:

Without giving too much away, here i a basic run down of the story:

Nikopol has been frozen since 1993 and now is in Paris in 2023. His leg was broken off during his aerial thawing process. With the “help” of Horus of Hierakonpolis, he makes a deal to help the God rule over humanity. While helping, Nikopol finds the grave of his old girlfriend and is informed that he has a son who is the same age he was when was preserved. He finds out more about how things are run in this year, including the fact that women are only for breeding and they’re now producing men at a much higher rate. Along the way, Nikopol meets Jill Bioskop, who definitely has issues of her own.

I did enjoy this comic, but it’s definitely not my normal cup of tea. There is a lot of backstory involved and readers must be a little familiar with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to fully understand the story. The story features a lot of adult themes, and there even was a suicide attempt (which made me very uncomfortable)

The art style for this is super unique. The art seems to have some manga inspiration, but the characters are not very angular, which typical manga art can be. Also, I know it’s weird to mention, but I like big noses – on people and in art – and the noses look great in this comic.

I was a big fan of Nikopol’s character design and his personality, and the writers made it very believable that his character is from the past. He seemed like a real person and it was very easy to follow him on his journey.

For the most part, I really did enjoy this comic, but I wouldn’t read it again. It’s not something I’m really into, but this might be perfect for you!


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