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DIY ‘Pokémon Go’ Cosplay Tutorial!

Is it just us, or is the Pokémon Go female trainer outfit the most comfortable and functional cosplay outfit for Comic-Con ever?

  1. Comfortable sneakers (which TOTALLY look like Sketchers)? Check!
  2. Leggings? Check!
  3. Backpack for swag and snacks? Check!

Count. Us. In.

The concept of this outfit is simple enough, but for those of us inexperienced in the art of costume creation, recreating this super chic and comfy look can be a daunting task.

Lucky for us, cosplayer Ginny Di has our backs.





















Ginny created her very own Pokémon Go trainer cosplay shortly after the game launched using colorful fabrics and a god-given gift with a sewing machine. Since then, the cosplayer has been flooded with commission requests from fellow trainers.

When I created my Pokémon Go trainer’s costume at light speed the weekend after the game was released, I had no idea that it would explode into thousands of new followers and dozens of commission requests. Unfortunately, I’m really not the commissioning type — I barely have enough time to sew for myself as it is! But what I can do for all the Pokétrainer hopefuls out there is walk you through how I put together my costume, so you can take a stab at your own! –

Welp, I guess we’re on our own! Here’s what you’ll need to recreate Ginny’s look:

  • White baseball cap
  • Black gloves
  • Black yoga pants
  • Black shoes with white soles
  • Blue fabric (~2 yds)
  • Zippers: Blue (invisible, ~20″), Yellow or white (separating, ~6-10″)
  • Dark blue fabric marker
  • White fabric (~1 yd)
  • Yellow fabric (~1 yd)
  • Yellow ribbed tank top
  • Ribbon: Yellow 1″, black 1/2″, lavender 1/4″
  • Black fabric (~1/4″ yd)
  • Light grey & dark grey fabric (~1/4 yd each)
  • 1 sheet craft foam
  • Yellow and white acrylic paint
  • 1″ sew-on snap
  • Blue, yellow, white, black, grey, and lavender thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue gun

Those looking to create a cosplay with a different trainer color scheme need only to substitute the fabric colors!

Unfortunately Ginny’s tutorial does not cover how to create your trainer’s backpack, but creating one shouldn’t be too difficult. Just acquire a plain black or white backpack and decorate it with fabric and markers. Buying (or re-purposing) a backpack is kind of cheating, but it sure as hell beats trying to create a backpack with structural integrity.

After the costume has been created, finish the look by accessorizing it with a pokéball and a plush version of your favorite Pokémon!

Bonus points if you can get your hands on a pokédex.

Ready to recreate this look? Check out Ginny’s full tutorial to get started!

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