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‘Rebels’ Recap: Protector of Concord Dawn

Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels just keeps getting better and better! GeekGirl Lacey and I recently watched The Protector of Concord Dawn (which aired  January 27, 2016) and we just had to talk about it. We discuss Sabine‘s respect for Hera, Kanan, and the rest of the team and make some predictions on what’s going to happen next to the team aboard the Ghost.

For a full recap and review of the episode, check out our video below:

This episode also made me ponder possible connections between characters in Rebels and those in the Star Wars cinematic universe. Now, if you’re one of the few people in the galaxy who hasn’t seen The Force Awakens, or if you’re not super familiar with Rebels, you might want to stop here! Not spoilers, per se, but definitely rampant speculation galore!

Like father, like daughter: could their helmets foreshadow their futures?
Like father, like daughter: could their helmets foreshadow their futures? Ezra to the Dark side, Rey as a Rebel & Jedi?

One popular internet theory is that Ezra (from the show) could be the father of Rey (from the movies, duh). Rob Keyes of Screen Rant provided some insight on the possibility, even going as far as speculating Benicio Del Toro could be playing Ezra/Rey’s dad in Episode VIII! Prince from Urban Acolyte TV shared his thoughts on the matter also, and video commentators touched on unconfirmed rumors that a shooting script identified characters by their initials, with Benicio Del Toro’s character having the initials “E.B.” (EZRA! BRIDGER!) I love this theory, but want to take it a step further.

Sabine and Ezra
Sabine + Ezra = Tru Luv 4eva?

So, let’s just say Ezra is Rey’s father. Who is her mother? The obvious person that comes to mind is Sabine Wren, who Ezra is smitten with (especially in season 1). In this week’s episode, we learned that Sabine is heir to the Mandalorian Clan Wren, and that her clan is a part of House Vizla. Further, her mother was a member of Death Watch, who was associated with Darth Maul. Not a warm and fuzzy family tree, and definitely no Parents of the Year awards going to Mr. or Mrs. Wren.

Now, can we please talk about how in a universe that is so massive, that there can be a family with the last name Wren, and a cult (for lack of a better word) called the Knights of Ren? At Star Wars Celebration 2015, I attended a panel where a woman discussed how her job was being a part of a team that cross referenced the books, comics, movies, games, and shows for consistency. That was their whole job— 5 days a week, 8 hours a day: checking for consistency and trends across the lore. So, why would they have two similar names in their latest show and newest movie, unless it was intentional? Could the Wrens have paired up with Siths like Snoke, dropped the ‘W’ from their name, and become the Knights of Ren? Or, could Ezra have gone Dark side and named the Knights of Ren himself, perhaps in honor of a woman he once loved and a life he once knew?

Ezra and Saber
Ezra in a Season 2 preview (episode unknown)

Now let’s go back and talk about the movies. Rumors on the web imply that Ben/Kylo Ren has a connection to Rey. He doesn’t kill her, tries to convert her to his side, and even saves her in her visions. A lot of people thought that was because Rey was Luke’s daughter, or Ben’s cousin. But that’s too easy. Could it be that Ben, renamed Kylo Ren of the Knights of Ren, took a liking to her because she was related to one of the founding fathers of his cult? Anything is a possibility in Star Wars. I, for one, hope that Rebels characters make appearances in the films. It enriches the lore and keeps the universe connected in a fascinating way!

What did YOU think GeekGirl World? Let us know in the comments section!

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