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All T, No Shade! RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season Two Has Been Announced!

Get excited squirrel friends! RuPaul has announced that a second season of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race is indeed upon us. Which previously booted queen will follow in Chad Michael’s footsteps and embody the all-too necessary Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to become the second highly coveted All Star queen.

The new season is slated to air after the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race (also exciting news!) and Ru promises “more eleganza and double-lashed side eye than Drag Race has ever seen.”

No official word on who will be a part of the All Stars cast yet. Which queens do YOU want to see on season two??

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: S7 E14

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Season 7 finale! It begins with a re-introduction of all of the Queens, who each walk the runway in some fabulous outfits. Of course Katya & Kennedy Davenport are met with huge applause. Is anyone surprised by this?

When RuPaul comes out, lip syncing to her song “The Realness” (because obviously), she lets the audience know that she’s having a hard time deciding who to crown the winner, so each of the final Queens must do a final lip sync to a song created just for them.

First up, Ginger Minj, who lip syncs to a song about not being able to pray the gay away. You gotta hand it to Ginger: she’s quite the performer, which the judges point out when she finishes her performance. She sits down with RuPaul for a little interview before a clip package of all of her fans is played. One of the videos is from Ginger’s dad and let the tears flow! The two haven’t had much of a relationship so for Ginger to see her dad support her obviously means a lot. THE FEELS!

Can I also quickly mention that JOHN WATERS supports Ginger?! Okay, that’s all.

rupaul final 3Pearl’s song is about being a sleepwalker and it’s pretty darn boring. I get the irony but yikes! But the judges praise Pearl’s “awakening” during the competition. She admits that the fear of looking stupid held her back, but she finally just let go.

Aside from Pearl’s friends and family clip montage, they did an additional montage called “The Curse of Pearl,” which showcased the conspiracy of any Queen that crosses Pearl getting eliminated during that same episode. It’s actually kind of funny, and scary accurate!

And then there’s Violet Chachki, who performs a song about having too many daddies and not enough time. Her act is very Bettie Page-esque, with a striptease thrown in for good measure. Is it weird that I’m oddly jealous of Violet’s stripping skills when I have none? The judges love Violet’s sense of fashion and how she’s one of the few Queens that actually sews! They play her clip montage and alas, it’s pretty unemotional, but her friends and family are pretty funny.

Before the winner is announced, Ru spends some time talking to the eliminated Queens. Some highlights from the segment include:

Tempest DuJour in her finest attire
Tempest DuJour in her finest attire

– Jasmine Marsters receiving some positive words from her role model, Patti LaBelle. It’s a sweet moment concocted by Ru to counterbalance all of the negativity Jasmine has faced on social media.

– Apparently, Kandy Ho lived in Connecticut until she was ten before moving to Puerto Rico.

– Jaidynn Diore Fierce is out and proud and her mom loves her for it.

– Miss Fame brings a chicken out on stage, but doesn’t even speak chicken. I feel cheated!

– Katya tells Ru she wanted to tackle her, stuff her wig into her mouth & have Ru pee on her. So there was that…amazingness.

– Ru tells everyone to go see Kennedy Davenport live, which is kind of a big deal.

Next up, the Miss Congeniality Award! Last year’s winner, Ben de la Creme, comes out in a costume a la “Ginger/Sasha conjoined twins at the boob” with Michelle Visage and announces KATYA as the winner! Like anyone had any doubts. Katya wins a gold version of the Ru statue and, more importantly, cash.

Katya werking it at the RuPaul's Drag Race finale
Katya werking it at the RuPaul’s Drag Race finale

Then it’s time to announce RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar for Season 7. Last year’s winner Bianca Del Rio – who is serving living statue realness – comes out to help crown the winner.

As is customary, Ru draws out the announcement, and at one point coughs, pauses, and asks for Katya. The audience, three remaining Queens AND Katya all freak out. But phooey, it was just a joke and all Ru wants is some water from Katya. The finalists are relieved. I am not.

And the winner is…VIOLET! With crown on head and scepter in hand, Violet does one final runway walk, claiming her win.

And there you have it folks! Till next time, always remember, the struggle is real so keep it fierce!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Ep. 7×10

rupaul the fake housewives

Let’s dive right in, shall we? This week’s mini challenge is kind of amazing. The girls are tasked to serve Rich Bitch Reality Realness by shooting title sequences for RuPaul’s fake new reality show, “The Fake Housewives of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” To give it that extra little oomph, Ru gives them clear plastic tape so the girls can nip/tuck their faces to their heart’s content.

Because I have an unhealthy obsession with the Real Housewives franchise, this mini challenge is everything. Please do enjoy all of the Queens’ pretend title sequence lines:

Pearl: Some people call me a slut, but I’m also an alcoholic.

Kennedy Davenport: I may not be the best cookie in the cookie jar, but at least I taste good.

Violet Chachki: When times get tough, I just breathe through my nose.

Ginger Minj: The secret to success is being God’s favorite.

Trixie Mattel: How did I sleep tonight? Ask your husband.

Katya: What’s the best part of being married to a sociopath? The constant threat of danger keeps you sooo thin.

Ru declares Violet the winner, though I thought this was Katya’s win (she was robbed!).

For their Maxi Challenge, the girls must…DANCE! #PrancingQueens The dances are actually mash-ups for opposing styles, which makes for some quirky, if not WTF-moment-esque routines. Because Violet won the mini challenge, she gets to assign pairs:

Violet & Katya: Tango/Vogue

Ginger & Trixie: Country/Robot

Kennedy & Pearl: Charleston/Twerk

See? These are some veeerrryy strange mash-ups, but you know it’s gonna be HILARIOUS!

To top it all off, Ru informs the girls that for the first time in drag herstory, they must make themselves up as half woman/half man.

Don't drop Ginger, Trixie!
Don’t drop Ginger, Trixie!

The Queens rehearse with Carson Kressley & Kym Johnson (Dancing with the Stars). All of them struggle in their own way – Pearl doesn’t know how to twerk (duh), Katya freaks out over all of the choreography, but it’s Ginger who has it the worst. Her insecurity is visible from space. Dancing is most definitely not her forte and she worries that not only will she fail, but she’ll bring Trixie down with her.

The ladies get ready for the main stage and Katya actually admits that she’s starting to, *gasp,* like Violet! She admires how confident she is and strives to be like that. It’s a tender moment, and a win for Violet considering she typically comes off as an Ice Queen.

On the main stage, our guest judges are:

Comedienne Rachael Harris

Alyssa Milano, who’s uber pregnant and announces that she plans on naming her baby RuPaula (she doesn’t, liar)

rupaul s7 e10 outfit

The girls walk down the runway in their half woman/half man looks. Here’s a necessary breakdown:

Pearl: Hellooo man side. So hot! More beard! Her woman side reps the roaring ‘20s.

Kennedy: I just remember her ass is nice.

Ginger: Stomping down the runway like a Clydesdale in heat.

Trixie: Giving ho-down realness. Her man side loves Jesus because don’t all people who listen to country love Jesus?

Violet: Her lady side feels like a Spanish prostitute, then BAM! Pablo on the other side.

Katya: Her woman side is a Flamingo flapper and her man side is quite possibly the best douchey abusive boyfriend ever (I obviously don’t condone abuse, but in Katya’s drag case, I’m okay with it).

Next up, the pairs take the stage and each dance to their mash-ups. I don’t think I’ve said the word “strange” enough, which it is, but it’s also pure camp and everything RuPaul and her fans love. I was gagging over the ridiculousness of it all.

While Pearl is not the best dancer by any means, what she lacks in skill she actually makes up for in enthusiasm. I guess she took an upper in the morning. Kennedy looks effortless (though according to Carson, she was boooring). Trixie does just fine with the dance, but it’s obviously Ginger is as uncomfortable as a pig in heat (is that a real saying?).

Side note: poor Ginger actually breaks down during critiques, and admits dancing is in public is one of her biggest fears because she fears people will judge her due to her weight. It’s an oddly honest moment and one many people can relate to (I’m raising my hand FYI).

Anyway, this challenge is actually Violet’s to win. She tangos and vogues likes nobody’s watching. Katya is a fine partner, but Violet is the clear standout.

RuPaul has a hard time picking a winner/loser because she feels everyone did so well. But alas, a decision must be made and Violet & Katya are the winners of the main challenge. Did we ever have our doubts? Violet sure didn’t!

Ginger & Trixie are in the bottom two, and let’s face it, we know who’s gonna win before the song even comes on, which is “Show Me Love” by Robin S (I LOVE this song). Ginger lip syncs her little heart out, showing bits of comedy to keep the judges laughing, and sure enough, she’s declared the winner. Trixie is told to sashay away…again.

To end this recap on a funny note, I shall be stealing Pearl’s made-up word “Flah-zee-dah.” I have absolutely no idea what it means and I don’t think she does either, but it’s a good word that just rolls off the tongue for no reason whatsoever.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: 7×9

As per tradition, the episode opens with the girls heading back to the workroom following Jaidynn’s elimination. Poor Queen, no one even mentions her. Instead they throw shade at Trixie being brought back on to the show. All the girls’ eyes squint in disapproval as poor Trixie looks around the room with her giant, overly glittered bug eyes in confusion. Cue opening credits.

The Library is OPEN!
The Library is OPEN!

The following day, RuPaul enters the workroom and announces, “In the Great Tradition of Paris is Burning, Bring out your Library Cards!” The girls squeal in delight because that phrase means it’s the Reading is Fundamental (mini) challenge! Basically the girls take turns reading, or throwing shade, at each other and the funniest girl wins. This challenge is a personal favorite of mine and really should be a week-long extravaganza with brackets and all that other sports betting stuff minus sports.

Although the gals are a bit lackluster (following tradition with this season), most did alright, except for poor Miss Fame who falls so hard on her face, I’m pretty sure Pit Crew members are still scraping false eyelashes off the ground. Trixie Mattel wins the challenge, but not gonna lie, I actually enjoy Pearl’s reads a bit more. You be the judge:

Trixie on Ginger Minj: “Did you ever save Carol Anne from the poltergeist in the TV?”

Pearl to Kennedy Davenport:  “Your eye is on the prize and your other eye is on the crown”


For this week’s Maxi Challenge, the girls are paying homage to John Waters & Divine by screen testing for parts in Ru-sicals (aka musicals) based on John Waters most iconic movie scenes. #JohnWaters4ever

As Katya exclaims: “John Waters has a filthy, twisted, delinquent sense of humor. He’s my hero.”

The girls have to break up into 3 teams:

  • Pearl, Fame, Violet Chachki – “Poo” based on Pink Flamingos
  • Katya, Kennedy – “Cha Cha Heels” based on Female Trouble
  • Ginger Minj, Trixie – “Eggs” based on Pink Flamingos

And here’s how it all goes down in a nutshell:

Cha Cha Heels

Kennedy plays Dawn Davenport (Divine) and Katya her mother. I swear, Katya can turn a one-liner into a Broadway show, she has that much presence. She takes a basic role and makes the mother bigger and funnier than life. Kennedy does a pretty good job in the Dawn role – she can carry a tune and uses good physicality to amp up the comedy. But (and this is thanks to editing), she almost ruins the scene by hesitating before toppling the Christmas tree over onto Katya. Thanks to the ability to have more than one take, the tree is toppled and Katya goes down! Funny FTW.


Ginger plays the Edith Massey character to a T, or so I’m going to assume because I have admittedly never seen Pink Flamingos in its entirety. Shame on me. What I do know is Ginger is an awesome combo of creepy weird and adorable and it works perfectly. Trixie plays Divine’s character and is okay, but mostly overshadowed by the larger-than-life Ginger. Sorry Trixie, but at least your wackadoodle make-up was on point for the scene!


“Poo” is truly the best way to describe this train wreck of a scene. It’s no secret that Pearl, Fame and Violet are no funny Queens, but when a stuffed dog outshines your performance, you know you’ve got problems. This is one of the most iconic scenes in John Waters’ cinematic history (I might be a wee dramatic on this one, but I’m sticking by it!) and these three Queens simply flop. Pearl plays “Good Divine,” and she is at full Benadryl-induced capacity. On the other side of the spectrum is Fame, who plays “Bad Divine.” She’s so over the top, and in her own head that not even Michelle Visage’s boobs can penetrate the terrible character she’s created for herself. And then there’s Violet playing “Middle Divine,” who apparently assumed that haphazardly placed padding would do the trick. It doesn’t.

This week’s main stage category is Ugliest Dress Ever. I actually love the idea of the girls dressing down for the runway. It makes all of us common folk feel normal. In the workroom, there’s a strange underlying tension thing going on between Fame & Pearl. I personally hope it’s sexual. Hey, a girl can dream. Some of the girls discuss the hardship of being a professional female impersonator because blahblahblah…Fame & Pearl action now!

Anyway, tonight’s guest judges are:

John Waters – No surprise here. Also, this is not John Waters’ official Twitter, but this is funnier because it’s his mustache’s Twitter. Way better IMO.

Demi Lovato – Thanks for providing the lip sync song girl!

The girls strut down the runway in their ugliest garments. Katya and Ginger rule this category with Katya in a pee meets poo-style yellow dress with brown trim and Ginger in some lime green amazeballs frock. Oddly enough, Violet turns it out by serving us some literal clown realness, but what makes her appearance is her decision to strut down the runway as if she’s wearing couture.

On the other side of the coin, Fame and Pearl opt for “pretty-ugly,” emphasis on the pretty. Pearl admits she wants the judges to think she looks cute, thus negating the entire challenge she’s tasked with. Fame wears what looks like a giant Hershey’s Kiss wrapper, so in her eyes it’s ugly, but John just tells her she needs “ugly lessons.”

During critiques, Ru shakes it up by asking the girls which Queen should go home and why. No surprise, all the girls except for Fame and Violet choose Fame. Violet votes for Trixie and in the ultimate shade-off, Fame calls out Pearl because she feels she’s “too cool for Season 7.” Fame tries to defend herself by telling Pearl directly that she’s previously said this to her, but Pearl claims that’s BS. Thus enter more tension.

Ru announces Ginger as the winner of the main challenge and in my opinion, it’s a well-deserved win.

Fame and Pearl end up in the bottom two, and no shocker, have to lip sync to Demi’s “Really Don’t Care.” The two are so boring and lackluster. When two Queens are asked to lip sync for their lives, I EXPECT to see some passion and/or cool s**t. In Fame’s defense (yes I’m going to defend her), she’s working with a shapeless tent of a dress and any dance movements goes unnoticed. Meanwhile, Pearl does some hair flips. The only highlight of this lip sync is when they both flip each other off in unison during a part of the song. So there was that.

In the end, Pearl gets to stay and Fame is asked to Sashay Away. Look, Fame is not the sharpest tool in the box, but I’m going to miss that chicken clucking goofy weirdo Queen. Pour one out hunties.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: 7×8

Hi all! Let’s jump right into it. RuPaul gave us a bit of a cliffhanger last week by announcing she’s bringing one of the eliminated Queens back. This isn’t really news as there have been eliminated Queens brought back in previous seasons, but of course the remaining girls are none too pleased with this announcement. These bitches eliminated the other bitches fair and square!

Why hello there, Scruff Pit Crew. Also...LAAATTTRRRIIICCCEEE!!
Why hello there, Scruff Pit Crew. Also…LAAATTTRRRIIICCCEEE!!

In this week’s mini challenge, the girls are asked to drag-ify prison uniforms. And guess who the guest judge is?

LATRICE “MOTHER F***IN” ROYALE, that’s who! And she’s clad in her Tuckahoe prison guard uniform ready to yell at you to “Get Those Nuts Away From My Face” (click the link people, it’s funny!).

Katya’s reaction pretty much sums it all up: “Latrice! It’s like seeing Sharon Stone! Except, you know, fat. And black.”

Anyway, the Queens glam it up, or down depending on how you look at it, and Kennedy Davenport is the winner. You can check out all the prison looks here and decide which one you like best (aka not Kennedy’s look. Sorry girl).

Katya dressed in Orange is the New Drag realness
Katya dressed in Orange is the New Drag realness

At this point, Ru drops the glitter bomb of all glitter bombs: all seven eliminated Queens are returning for this week’s main challenge! To keep it simple, an eliminated Queen is paired up with a current contestant and they must portray themselves as twins. Did I mention that they must also be conjoined twins? Because that is what is happening…Conjoined Drag Twins. #ConjoinedTwins What’s exciting is the eliminated girl that’s on the winning team gets to come back into the competition. So she really has to earn her spot.

This is quite possibly the strangest challenge I’ve seen, and I cannot be more excited to see the outcome!

Because Kennedy won the mini-challenge, she gets to pair everybody up. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Kennedy Davenport & Jasmine Marsters

Violet Chachki & Max

Miss Fame & Kandy Ho

Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle

Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour

Pearl & Trixie Mattel

Katya  & Mrs. Kasha Davis

While Kennedy seems to be fair with most of the pairings, shade is definitely thrown at Jaidynn.  I mean, she’s paired up with a 6’ white Queen. Those two girls have a lot of work ahead of them.

And then there’s Ginger, who is very unhappy about being paired up with Sasha. And who can blame her? Perhaps it’s all editing, but Sasha acts like the most unhelpful of the bunch. She’s too busy strutting around talking to the other Queens and Ginger is left alone freaking out. She feels that she’s been in the top for too long and ending up in the bottom two is just inevitable.

As the girls get ready, Tempest and Trixie open up about their childhood. Tempest was raised in a devout Mormon home, and her mom went so far as to force her into conversion therapy to try to turn her straight. Meanwhile, Trixie admits to being both verbally and physically abused by her stepfather. One of the “degrading” names he used to call her was actually Trixie, so when she moved out to pursue drag, she decided to take that name and turn its negative context into a positive one.

These raw moments are rare on the show but, as Tempest explains, she wants to tell her story in the hopes that it’ll help even just one gay kid to not be afraid of who they are. It’s touching moments like these that showcase the stark reality kids must face just so they can be who they are.

Back to the competition. On the main stage, Ru announces her “extra special” guest judges:

Nelsan Ellis (no tweeting for this guy), who played the beloved Lafayette on True Blood

LeAnn Rimes, country singer and husband thief

Each pair awkwardly struts down the runway serving up some conjoined drag twin realness. Fame & Kandy are boringly predictable as plastic surgery addicts conjoined at the hip. Violet & Max are gorgeous as fierce skinny blonde bitches conjoined via corset. Kennedy & Jasmine play it safe as pageant twins conjoined at the hip (or leg, I can’t tell). Pearl & Trixie play up the “pretty/ugly” twin scenario flawlessly, with Trixie hamming it up for the judges as the ugly one.

Jaidynn & Tempest play it safe as well, with Tempest awkwardly attached to Jaidynn from behind. Ginger & Sasha come out in horrid pink leopard attire and are conjoined at the nipples. Large fake boobs are attached to each of them, so no actual nipples were harmed. Katya & Kasha are last, and they work it as aging Atlantic City hookers joined at the vagina. Yes, I said joined at the vagina. Classic Drag Race.

Katya & Kasha and Violet & Max are among the judges favorites, but there can only be one winner and that’s Pearl! Which means Trixie is back in the game. Fans rejoice! I don’t even remember her! The win is extra special because it was Pearl who sent Trixie home back in Episode 4. Still no clue who she is, sorry.

Ru tells Jaidynn and Ginger that they’re in the bottom and must lip sync for their life. The extra wacky twist is that they’re still conjoined to their twins! So it’s Jaidynn/Tempest vs. Ginger/Sasha lip syncing to “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany.

In what must be a RuPaul first, Ginger goes full comedy with her routine, citing that “This is the Hunger Games of Drag” and she best do what she gotta do to win.

Rather than even try to explain what is going on during the lip sync, I shall quote the ever intelligent and observant Katya:

“Ginger & Sasha are giving themselves a mastectomy. Tempest & Jaidynn look like Larry Bird and Raven-Symoné in a permanent butt f**k position. THIS IS THE MOST EPIC LIP SYNC EVER!!!”

More truth has never been spoken.

In the end, Ginger gets to stay and after three times in the bottom, fierce little Jaidynn is told to “Sashay Away.”

Tune in next week to see what happens now that Trixie is back! Will she make a comeback and take the crown? Will she be booted yet again? Will her lip liner cover her entire face?! We’ll just have to wait and see.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: 7×7

Hello my squirrel friends! Guess what time it is? SNATCH GAME!! For those not in the know, Snatch Game is essentially Drag Race’s version of the original Match Game, but way better. I absolutely live for this episode. Not only do I love seeing what celebrity (or reality star) the contestants dress up as, but this episode really separates the Queens who truly possess Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent from those who may have just…Nerve.

The entire episode is dedicated to the Snatch Game. No sense wasting time on a mini-challenge. RuPaul informs them that two contestants for the Game (as well as the guest judges) will be Michael Urie (of Ugly Betty fame) and Tamar Braxton (I literally only know her as Toni Braxton’s sister, I have no idea what she’s done and I’m too lazy to Google it).

A couple of the girls have surprisingly prepared quite a bit for this episode. I’m lookin’ at you, Violet Chachki and Miss Fame, who’ve both been perfecting their Donatella Versace look for months. Of course shade was thrown when neither wanted to budge on their celebrity look, but in the end Violet wins in the obvious category by realizing the odds of them having to lip synch against one another for playing the same celebrity is pretty darn high. So she decides to play Season 5 contestant Alyssa Edwards. Miss Fame sticks with Donatella, which is an unfortunate choice. But more on that later!

Pearl gets ready for her Big Ang debut
Pearl gets ready for her Big Ang debut

Here are the other Queens’ celebrity impersonations:

Pearl: Big Ang from Mob Wives fame (look her up, she’s HILARIOUS)

Max: Season 4 winner Sharon Needles

Katya: Suze Orman

Jaidynn Diore Fierce: Raven-Symoné

Ginger Minj: Adele

The biggest shocker is Kennedy Davenport making the decision to play Little Richard. No one has ever played a man on the Snatch Game. I mean hello…the name of the game alone says it all. Even Katya & Ginger try to talk her out of it, but Kennedy holds steadfast, and thank GAWD she does. Her impersonation is a breath of fresh air – it’s just the right amount of drag with a thin mustache painted on that really blurs the line of masculinity and femininity. Also, she’s f’ing hilarious as Little Richard. Case in point, when Ru asks what a gay Batman & Robin would change the batcave into, Kennedy quips, “A bathhouse in a dark room with gloryholes,” followed by a Little Richard signature howl we all know and love. I literally laughed out loud, rewound it and then watched it again, it was that funny.

The other girls who turn it out are Ginger, Violet (applause on changing to Alyssa Edwards), Katya and Pearl. I’m most surprised by Pearl’s performance, who rocks it as Big Ang and whereas before, I was bored with her Ambien-esque personality, I’m now beginning to see how funny and smart she really is. Also pretty. So really I hate her.

And then there are the girls who don’t do such a bang-up job:

Max: While her Sharon Needles look is truly spooktacular, she is boring as f**k, so basically the complete opposite of Sharon Needles. Way to go Max.

Max as Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles
Max as Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles

Jaidynn: Oh girl, just because you think you and Raven-Symoné would be friends IRL does not mean you should impersonate her on the infamous Snatch Game. As Ginger said when she read your bad performance, “Ooo Jaidynn, I just got a vision, you might be lip syncing for your life tomorrow baby.”

Miss Fame: And then there’s Fame, who’s so much funnier than she realizes. Her Donatella is tragic, her accent completely off (since when is Donatella Russian??) and let’s face it, nobody can play the fashion icon quite like Maya Rudolph. Also just for kicks, as Katya playing Suze Orman said, “ Honey, that wig was a bad investment.” #truth

It’s elimination day and my fierce and funny Katya’s anxiety is getting to her. See, Katya is a recovering alcoholic & drug addict and while she’s been clean for 1 ½ years, the stress of the competition and inability to talk to her support team is taking its toll. She looks to Miss Fame, also a recovering addict (9 years sober) for help. The two bond and it’s really a heartfelt moment. It makes me love both of them even more than I already do (I sorta forgive Fame’s horrid Donatella because of her obsession with chickens).

Ru panel 7x7

For their runway look, the girls are asked to vamp it up with leather & lace. Basically the moral of the story is, I hate some of these bitches for looking so damn good. Also, I want to raid their closets, kthx.

Pearl and Violet are safe, leaving the rest of the girls to stand on the stage for critiques. When they come to Max, Michelle tells her that while she had Sharon’s look down, she was missing everything else, aka Sharon’s personality. As Michelle talks, Max decides to remove her corset, and then proceeds to sit on the steps bare-chested and sing to the judges. When she finishes, she simply states, “I took advantage of the moment.” To say it’s a bizarre moment is an understatement; no one quite knows what to say.

So of course they move on.  RuPaul announces that for the first time in Herstory – two queens – Kennedy & Ginger – win the challenge. Now, did I think Ginger did a good job? Sure. Plus her runway look was gorg, and as Tamar said, she “owned being thicker,” but did she really deserve to win? Not really. That should’ve been Kennedy’s win, but moving on.

Max and Jaidynn are in the bottom two and must lip synch for their life, the song being “No More Lies” by Michel’le. Shocker, Jaidynn wins the battle and Max is told to sashay away.

Pause: Not that I’m sad to see Max and her ever moving drawn on mole go, but one can’t help but conclude that the lip synch played to Jaidynn’s personality, and the poor awkward girl was left in the lurch. Meh.

Unpause: At the very end of the episode, where normally Ru condragulates the remaining contestants, she drops a bomb on them. She’s bringing back an eliminated girl, she just doesn’t know who yet. And for those wanting to show their love for their favorite ousted queen, Ru wants you to spam social media with your pick, #BringBackMyQueen

God, I love this show’s use of hashtags. Tune in next week to see who returns!

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Recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race 7×6

Hello pretty mamas! I’m here to casually drop in mid-season and give you your much needed recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7. Before I spill the tea on what happened this week, let me just explain my obsession with Miss Ru and her girls.

rupaulI was 11 years-old when RuPaul burst onto the MTV scene with her hit “Supermodel” and I was hooked. Given my age, RuPaul was the first drag queen I’ve ever seen. She was tall, beautiful, funny, talented…and a man. It didn’t offend me in the least, but rather I was fascinated. She looked more amazing than actual women (of course, this came back to bite me in the ass when at 20 years-old, I went to the West Hollywood Halloween parade and, being surrounded by Glamazons who had more curves than I ever dare wish, I cursed drag queens everywhere!).

RuPaul was a woman ahead of her time, and I don’t think main stream society was ready for her yet, so she faded into the background. But more than 10 years later, the Logo Channel was born (thanks Viacom!). It was the first advertiser-supported TV channel geared toward the LGBT community. I honestly never paid much attention to the channel, that is until a friend who worked there told me they had green lit a new reality show starring RuPaul about drag queens competing to be “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” He had me at reality.

The first season aired in 2009 and I don’t care how low budget the show looked, it was EVERYTHING. I was living for these queens – the fashion, the drama, the makeup, the vocabulary! The girls were hilarious (even when not meaning to be) and I wanted to be friends with all of them. I wanted one of them to be my Drag Mother (sorry Kay aka best friend). It was amazing. Although the show was about up and coming Queens, Ru was obviously the star. They idolized her and she was so nurturing and caring. One could easily tell the passion she felt toward giving unknown Queens a chance at stardom. The show was an instant hit and I can’t get enough of it. Shout-out to Amazon Instant Video for having Seasons 2-6 available for free viewing! But seriously, give me Season 1 and all will be cool.

And now here we are, six years later on Season 7. Episode 6 aired this week and let me tell you, I was a bit peeved that my fave #SnatchGame was not the main challenge. In past seasons, the fan favorite has typically landed between episodes 4-6, but that Ru, always keeping us on our toes! I hate being kept on my toes…

pearl as michelleAnyway, there are 9 contestants left and this week’s Mini challenge is a very strange game called “Monster in your Pants.” Ru explains the rules to the Queens – the beloved Pit Crew (and friends), decked out in nothing but Justin Case underwear, hold either a card with a number or a monster in their skivvies. Each Queen is to call out a Pit Crew member and they rack up points for every number pulled. They either yell Freeze to end the game or keep going, but they risk losing all the points if a monster card is pulled.

So basically as Katya says, “I have no idea what the rules of the game are, and I don’t care what the rules are. I just wants to know when I can f**k them.”

After the game wraps, RuPaul delves out the contestants Maxi Challenge – they are to act in a behind the scenes reenactment series called #RuHollywoodStories. This week’s episode: “Whatever Happened to Merle Ginsberg?”

Michelle & MerlePause: for those not in the know, Merle Ginsberg was a judge on Seasons 1 & 2, but was mysteriously replaced by Michelle Visage (of Seduction fame) in Season 3. I never bothered to look up why.

Unpause: Ru explains that there will be three teams of 3 and each reenactment is to showcase each side of the story – RuPaul, Merle & Michelle. Judge Ross Matthews is directing. Because Ginger Minj won the mini challenge, she gets to pick teams. She chooses teams as follows:

Team 1: Ginger, Kennedy Davenport & Katya
Team 2: Max, Violet Chachki & Kandy Ho
Team 3: Miss Fame, Pearl & Jaidynn Diore Fierce

First up, Ginger’s team reenacts Merle’s side. To hilariously quote Katya, “Ginger is gonna be the evil villain which is perfect because she’s playing it like Ginger Minj as Danny DeVito as Tony Soprano as The Fonz as Michelle Visage.” Did you get that? Because it is spot-on. Katya actually nails Merle, who is really quite boring in my book. But poor Kennedy, girl struggles as RuPaul. It is not pretty.

Next up, Michelle’s reenactment. Violet plays Michelle and is…meh. Max plays a very awkward Merle, though she claims she’s playing her as how Michelle would see her. And lastly, Ru is played by Kandy Ho, who apparently thinks Ru has a beard, because girl was rocking that 5 o’clock shadow. Not cute and just not well done.

Last up, Ru’s side. Miss Jaidynn is tasked with playing the icon and poor thing flops. She forgets almost every line and struggles through the whole scene. Pearl is a hilarious Michelle (can we say breast plate x 10?) and Fame plays Merle. After continuously forgetting her lines, Fame asked to stop rolling so she can unload her feelings, but Ross just wanted to get through the scene. Fame questions being allowed to express her emotions. Awkwardness ensues.

famePause: Can I just say, after last week’s episode, I have a newfound love for Fame. Her speech about being raised on a farm and showing prize-winning chickens was kind of to die for. Every time I see her, I can’t help but see a cute little boy holding a chicken holding a blue ribbon (chickens have thumbs in my fantasy).

Unpause: Moving on to this week’s runway challenge! The category is Death Becomes Her…how would your drag character die? I’m already excited.

As the Queens get ready, Jaidynn opens up about how his family doesn’t know he’s gay and he doesn’t want to tell them for fear of being hated or disowned. It’s truly a heartfelt moment between all the girls, as even Violet proclaims that it’s every gay person’s fear to be hated by their own family.

On the runway, RuPaul introduces the extra special guest judges: Merle Ginsberg (duh) and Ariana Grande “(best day of her life”). Here’s what the “dead” Queens stomped the runway in:

Ginger – baby bear realness
Kennedy – thrown in fire and crystalized after a night of hookin’
Katya – shark week fantasy
Max – a jilted lover stuck in purgatory as a ghost because she committed suicide by cutting out her own heart, aka organ donor realness
Violet – waist cinched too tight
Kandy – sexy vampire aka fang banged to death
Miss Fame – the bride of the man she was having an affair with stuck a blade in her skull
Jaidynn – sent to jail and tried to escape to see her baby daddy but didn’t make it over fence
Pearl – too much plastic surgery
Ginger, Kennedy & Katya are the winning team and Katya is the challenge winner. Hooray! I really like Katya, she’s looking like the front runner of the competition and I’m excited to see what she does next.

Kandy Ho and Jaidynn land in the bottom two. The song they have to lip synch to is Ariana’s “Break Free” and the girls deliver. Kandy serves up the sex appeal while Jaidynn showcases all the club moves. Even the other Queens proclaim that it’s a close one.

But in the end, Jaidynn comes out victorious and Kandy Ho is told to “sashay away.”

violetAll in all, I was less than impressed with this week’s episode. Like Violet, I’m a bit bored by the group acting challenges. However, it’s about to get real next week ya’ll, because #SnatchGame is on like donkey kong!

Can I get an Amen up in here?! Follow RuPaul’s Drag Race for all the extra tea you know you’re dying for.

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