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Courtney’s Pull Box: ‘Archie’, ‘Jughead’, ‘Starfire’ & More!

I have a pull box at the comic book shop I frequent, which ensures that I will get all of my current favorite comics immediately when they come out. In addition to this I can get discounts on graphic novels and a free comic on my birthday! Pull poxes are great, so I highly recommend talking to your comic shop to see what they offer.

My current pull box list includes the following comics:

  • Archie  – current incarnation with no digests (older comics)
  • Jughead – current incarnation with older comics at the end of issue
  • Starfire
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Disney Princess
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman

Even though I love getting these comics, some of them do have their problems. Occasionally these comics will frustrate me or include something I don’t like, so I’ve decided to summarize each comic and explain the pros and cons of each one.

Check them out below!


Summary: Archie is now set in modern day Riverdale High. Archie and Betty have been together since kindergarten and are absolutely enamored with one another…that is, until the #LipstickIncident. The whole school is abuzz trying to find out what happened, but things get further complicated when Archie lays eyes on new girl Veronica Lodge, whose famous millionaire family just built their mansion in town. Will Betty be able to convince Archie that Veronica is not all she seems to be?

Pros: This series proves that Archie characters will always translate well in nearly every situation. Bringing these characters into modern times may encourage younger readers to be more interested in reading comics,  and older fans will be happy to see that Archie can still be interesting and new.

Archie has been redone in a new art style that works amazingly well, much like how Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did –  each have their own distinct styles, but still work very well.

The Archie characters are still who they always have been, regardless of the era: Archie is still the clumsy, slightly clueless lead that makes him the perfect every man, and Veronica is still the spoiled, rich girl who always gets her way thanks to her father and his money.

Cons: Some of the references to modern day things are a little difficult to deal with. I felt really ridiculous typing out #LipstickIncident, and it felt as if the writers were trying too hard to get teens into this series.  At the end of the first comic Archie even directly asks the readers for their suggestions on how he could get out of his predicament by using @archiecomics on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

There’s no need for the writers to pander to the audience by relying on hashtags and self promoting – people will send in their suggestions if they find it good enough.


Summary: When the principal is replaced with a military-type tyrant who changes everything about their school (including stricter policies and the food), it’s up to Jughead and the gang to find out what happened to Mr. Weatherbee and stop the new principal’s rule.

Pros: Jughead is done in the same art style as Archie, and like Archie it ended up translating really well. I thought Jughead looked cute in this art style when I read the first issue of Archie, and after reading Archie I wanted to see more of him. The story is perfect for Jughead since it puts him in a new situation where he looks like a bad kid. To be honest, I mainly bought this comic because Jughead is Archie Comics first openly asexual character, which is awesome because I always did imagine him that way. Jughead is seemingly more in love with food than people, and he’s only ever been seen with a few girls throughout his run,  so I was happy when it was announced that he was indeed asexual.

Cons: The story really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet. There’s been a few things Jughead has done to further the plot, but as of right now the story seems to be slightly more focused on his dream sequences having references than plot development. These dream sequences are all very similar and each seem to cement the fact that Jughead is asexual. I would still recommend this series, but I hope that the story goes further.


Summary: Starfire has escaped from being a prisoner and has come to Earth. She tries her best to blend in with normal people and gets a job at the aquarium, but ultimately she ends up being a hero for the planet. Starfire tries to learn about the Earth, which you can see through her very cute thought process of idioms.

Pros: I am in love with the art style of this comic, and this is the cutest interpretation of Starfire that I’ve ever seen. Some of her outfits match her very sweet thoughts and personality, while other outfits are bold and reinforce the fact that she is still very strong. I really love this story because Starfire is the perfect fish out of water character, and the way she interacts with people and discovers things is really sweet and cute.

I really loved this comic all the way around, and I’m sad that it’s ending soon.

Cons: The New 52 story line has a huge plot hole. Half way through the comics Starfire meets Grayson, who, according to the New 52 line, she hasn’t met. She was never in the Teen Titans so she doesn’t him, but in this story, she apparently mourned over him and knew him. I didn’t miss any of the Starfire comics either, so I was very confused by this –  it didn’t make any sense.

The New 52 plotline also altered the fact that Starfire’s sister was the one who sold her to where she was imprisoned, instead having Blackfire and Starfire being very close.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Summary: Sabrina Spellman is just your average teenager growing up in the 1960s… except she is half mortal, half witch. She lives with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and her cousin, Ambrose. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Sabrina must decide if she wants to be a mortal or a witch.

Pros: This story is definitely darker than the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series that aired in the 1990s. It has a similar art style as Afterlife with Archie, but it has a Rosemary’s Baby feel to it, especially in the first comic. Sabrina looks more like her older comic incarnation, which looks wonderful with this art style. The art is very creepy and perfect for Sabrina’s story. If you like creepy stories then I definitely recommend this series, but if you don’t, then I would incline you towards Archie and Jughead.

Cons: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is amazing, but release dates for this series are very long and sparse. It’s hard to keep up with when this series will be released unless you are constantly checking Facebook for the next release date.

Issue number 5 is set to be released on May 18th.

Disney Princess

Summary: These are short little comics that feature a large range of Disney princesses, each of whom has her own story, making it difficult to accurately summarize these comics. These comics are unique in that they are held vertically, rather than horizontally.

Pros: This is definitely the cutest comic that I’m currently reading. There’s no fighting or action, and it’s a perfect comic for those who want to get into comics but don’t know where to begin. I had low hopes of seeing Snow White (one of my favorites) since she is an older princess, but I was so excited when I saw her in this comic! There’s good mix of the older princesses and the newer princesses, so Disney fans old and new will feel right at home.

Cons: There are no cons since only one issue of this comic is out, and as such there isn’t much to judge on.

The Legend of Wonder Woman

Summary: This is Wonder Woman’s origin story as told as far back as the beginning of the Amazons. Readers are treated to a young, mortal Diana who is destined to be queen. However, Diana shows the strength of her mother, and she wants to be trained.

Pros: There’s only two issues of this comic out right now, but I already love it. Diana as a child is the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but at the same time she’s very strong. I love the art style, which is a lovely mixture of Greek-style art and comic book art. It makes a beautiful collaboration and it’s something I could stare at forever.

Cons: There are only two issues of this comic currently out, so as of right now there are no cons.

Which comic are you most likely to pick up? Let us know in the comments!

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Want to get into Comics? Here are Some Tips!

Comics are an interesting medium that anyone can get into – there’s a little something for everyone!

But getting into comics may be confusing and a bit intimidating for some people, especially women. You may be afraid of being mocked for getting into comics or rejected because of your gender (I know I was), or you might not know where to even begin, especially with series that seem to have gone on forever.

I didn’t really get into comics until about two years ago myself, so I understand the struggle that many women face when trying to jump into the comic book world. So if you want to start getting into comics, then I have some tips for you that may help!

Check out Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day occurs annually on the first Saturday in May.  Attending this national event is a great way for you to figure out which series are popular and doing well while simultaneously introducing you to your local comic book stores. These stores usually have a large and varied selection, making it very easy to collect comics and items that you might be interested in. Attending Free Comic Book Day also allows you to see what kind of fandom crowds shop at each local store and what items shopkeepers typically keep in stock. For instance, I prefer a comic book shop that is half an hour away from my location because they tend to keep Archie comics in stock and have a bigger selection of them compared to closer stores that specialize mainly in card games such as Magic the Gathering.

Click here to locate a store that will be participating in the celebration, and click here to see a list of items that store’s will be receiving!

See if your favorite TV show/movie from the past or present has a comic

If you feel more comfortable reading material that includes characters you already know and like, then consider picking up a comic book that corresponds to your favorite TV show or movie.

802549Some of my favorite shows currently on TV have their own comics, including Bob’s Burgers and Doctor Who. The latter has had some amazing stories with different doctors as the leads, and one of the new issues that just came out features the Fourth Doctor!

Many of the shows and movies that we love are based on comics. To be honest, I was first introduced to two of my favorite comic book superheroes after liking their characters in television or movies. I would have never found out about Starfire had I never been introduced to the Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans (2003-2006), and I would have never known about Thor if it wasn’t for the The Avengers (2012), let alone got into his comics.

One of my favorite TV shows as a kid was Sabrina the Teenage Witch (both the animated version from the early 2000s and the Melissa Joan Hart sitcom), was based on a comic as well, a fact I found out while researching Archie comics when I was 10-years-old.

Point is, you never know what series or show has comics! Take a look through Google or your local comic book store – you might be surprised by what you find!

Ask for recommendations

When it comes to recommendations for a great comic, you can always ask someone who likes comics (like me!), or you can check out the staff picks at whichever store you choose to go to. At a good store, the week’s picks are varied, so you will have a few different ideas of what people think are good comics.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help on which comics to read next!

Most shops have pretty friendly staff (or they are supposed to) and they should be able to help you if you need help with finding something that may not be a staff pick. They won’t judge your choice of comics and are usually very happy that more people are getting into the medium.

If all else fails, go explore a store!

Comic stores have displays full of comics and graphic novels for you to check out, so it’s always a good idea to go walking around to see what they have to offer.  If a comic book cover catches your eye, look into that comic more!

You may never know what wonders you’ll find in a comic book unless you open it and dive into it.

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