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Spotlight on Sketch Royale

Hi ladies! I may have just found the most addicting and fun web series of 2013!

On January 31st, Machina Prime debuted Sketch Royale, a weekly project on YouTube in which “four teams tackle the same theme to produce four completely different sketches.” The results are often random, awkward, and hilarious, with subscribers unofficially choosing who they feel created the most entertaining video. To date, a variety of actors, comedians, and animators have come together to create videos on everything from Chinese New Year to Valentine’s Day. Sketch Royale has quickly become a YouTube favorite, with videos collecting over 50,000 views in the first month since the project launched. Be sure to check out their page frequently, as new sketches debut each Thursday!

Recently, GeekGirl World had the chance to interview Good Cops and Dr. Coolsex, two of the four contributors who helped launch this exciting project with the first video, titled The Super Bowl. Check out their awesome interviews below and click on the links for more information!


Good Cops created the first video seen on Sketch Royale.
Good Cops created the first video seen on Sketch Royale.

Your skit was about making the perfect Super Bowl commercial. Any favorite (or least favorite) television commercials from Super Bowl XLVII (47)?

Noel (Sledge): Well, I’m a dork who likes to get all emotional, and my family back in Australia are farmers, so I really liked the “God Made a Farmer” spot that Chrysler did.

Jacob (Nicky): Even though we were sort of poking fun at the ‘Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl’ contest with our sketch, I ended up laughing hysterically at that Doritos “Goat” spot. So random, yet so funny.

While this segment was animated, your body of work includes a lot of live-action entertainment as well. What are the pros and cons of each style? Do you prefer one over the other?

Noel (Sledge): Well first of all our animators, Chris and Dustin, do 90% of the work for these and because that is the case it enables the rest of us to work on other projects, so in that regard it’s easier because we can split up the workload. Also, you can make an animated character do anything, be anywhere and have anything happen to them which is freeing and also very fun. That said, because the Internet is such a high-speed, low budget medium, you don’t have time to put in the tiny details with an animated piece that you sometimes wish you could. Live action is almost entirely the opposite. You are fairly limited with what a character can do, where you can put him and what you can do to him, because all of this must exist in the real world, so the writing takes more time and more creativity. But you make up for that with details, you can have a character do something very specific and very unique to a situation and often is is that which makes the piece interesting or noteworthy.

Derek (Perkins): This was my first time doing voice over (Derek voiced the character of ‘The Director’). I’ve auditioned for a few but was never cast, so I was nervous that I wouldn’t have the right stuff. I’ve been working with Clayton (Good Cops Director) for almost 2 years now so I thought I’d been through it all. I was wrong. We spent 5 hours in a studio going through each line, over and over and over again. I drank about 2 gallons of water that day, my voice was sore by the second hour. For one line Clayton told me to pretend I was on death row and I was walking down the green mile. “Be at peace with it.” he said, “Let everything go, you’re walking to your death and you’re fine with it, and ACTION!”. So that was an interesting day.

Jacob (Nicky): One of the pros is just experimenting with our voices for different characters. I revealed my secret skill of doing a ‘heavy metal’ voice with about 3 different octaves happening at the same time. The guys were convinced I was possessed.


Dr. Coolsex proves to be a fan favorite, appearing in multiple Sketch Royale videos.
Dr. Coolsex, a Sketch Royale favorite, collaborates often.

Your video revolved around a fan-made commercial contest. Let’s just say there were some interesting winners. Have you ever won a contest you didn’t expect to win, or lost one that you thought you had “in the bag”? Tell us about it!
Alex: We competed in SyFy’s “Viral Video Showdown” against the comedy superstars P0ykpac. We did our best, but after the smoke cleared, we found ourselves without the five thousand dollar prize. It would have been disappointing if it weren’t so much fun. Plus, we got to fly out to LA on their dime, so that’s pretty neat. We may have lost the competition, but we’ll always have our Splash Mountain photo.

Viewers loved the fun clothes featured in your video, including a Robocop shirt, a 90s-Nickelodeon-inspired Jacket, and a Wile E. Coyote tie. Where did you find the wardrobe for this project?

Greg: Those clothes are a part of my personal wardrobe– minus the Wile E. Coyote tie, which Alex wears un-ironically to work. All three of us have growing collections of fun clothes that we wear to add some silliness to our already silly videos. Keep an eye out for our matching Adidas track suits in our President Rap music video!

Your body of work includes homages to 90s pop culture, including Nickelodeon’s Doug and Hey Arnold!, as well as Super Mario. How would you compare 90s shows and games to those of today? Do you favor one over the other?

Dustin: We love the 90s because we grew up in the 90s and it strikes a chord with our collective nostalgia. Whether the shows and games of the 90s are actually better than today doesn’t matter, what matters is that they make us feel young again. They remind us of the care free days of Stick Stickly, Gushers and Street Fighter 2. Everyone believes that things were better when they were kids because that’s the time when we had no worries or responsibilities. The 90s were the best because they shaped us into who we became. The 90s are ingrained in our DNA and it’s an instant point of connection to anyone that loved pop culture during that time. We love the 90s because the 90s are us.

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Interview with Ricky “Rickonia” Smith of Follow Me: The Rickonia Experience

Ricky Smith has become a social media celebrity tweeting about his daily life and his witty observations on pop culture. He has also become somewhat of a cult legend by crashing parties and meeting some of the hottest celebrities in the business. Now Ricky is taking his “Rickonia Experience” on the ultimate road trip, and he is going to be filming all the way. Follow Me: The Rickonia Experience is a Kickstarter project to raise money to help produce the film that will not only showcase Ricky’s comedic exploits, but also follow him around the country as he takes a social media journey to meet followers, crash parties, and do whatever. I had the chance to chat with Ricky about life and how he likes to live it.

Ari: Your motto is “Live life to the fullest.” Can you explain a little bit behind the personal meaning of that phrase to you?

Ricky: I think people think way too big when it comes to living life to the fullest. It’s not always about becoming this big time famous ‘xyz’ or doing something crazy. I think living life to the fullest is about enjoying life. It is about being grateful. Whether it’s enjoying a beer or just taking a walk. It is knowing that life is good and could be so much worse. If you always keep that at the forefront of your thinking, then good, fun things will follow.

Ari: Who is your favorite comic book hero, and did you ever dream of being a superhero when you grew up?

Ricky: That’s an easy one! BATMAN!!! Only because he is just an ordinary guy (all be it rich as hell) with no super powers. I honestly thought I was going to grow up to be his eventual replacement.

Ari: How would you classify your brand of comedy?

Ricky: I honestly wouldn’t say what I’m doing is comedy. I think it’s more living in the moment. Just knowing that tomorrow is not given, so why not just live for today. When people TRULY live by this motto, comedy and laughter is sure to follow.

Ari: What was the craziest thing you ever did on your Rickonia Adventures?

Ricky: That’s a hard one. Ummmm probably drinking 10 vodka shots in a minute. Or snuck into the MTV Awards pretending to be a certain celebrity that people think I look like.

Ari: Do you get star struck when meeting famous people and crashing parties?

Ricky: No. Half the time I’m too drunk to remember until someone shows me the pictures online the next day.

Ari: Who have you met who has impacted you the most?

Ricky:I met Selita Ebanks many years ago and we have remained close close friends ever since. Tichina Arnold is another good friend that my antics has allowed me to meet and become really close with. Oh and I can’t forget Redfoo and the entire LMFAO crew. Michael Irving and Suge Knight might have given me the coolest stories.

Ari: What are some of the places you are planning to go on your cross country trip for the film?

Ricky: I plan on going some of everywhere! I am excited about seeing the entire US. I think every place and everyone has a great story. Not just the big cities like NYC and LA, but the small town with two traffic lights and a gas station. Those are the places I think the best stories will come out of.

Ari: Is there any place you will refuse to go or anything you will refuse to do on this trip?

Ricky: Nope. I am open to going everywhere and doing everything as long as my life and anus aren’t in jeopardy, I’m down.

Ari: What is your best recommended method for getting over a hangover, and does it really work?

Ricky: Drink more. Can’t have a hangover if you stay drunk.

Ari: What warnings or advice do you have to give people, especially women, about the hard partying lifestyle?

Ricky: Know your own personal limits. Partying is fun but only if everyone is having fun. Nobody wants to babysit the drunk mofo in the corner throwing up. If you are a lightweight, get your weight up in the off season, but leave the weak stuff at home.

Ari: What other projects besides the film are you working on?

Ricky: Working on a coffee table book and getting a date with Tatyana Ali.

Ricky has met his goal for funding but he could use everyone’s help in getting to at least 500 backers on Kickstarter. Pledge just a dollar for the chance to just be in on the hilarious updates on the project that are sure to follow!

Follow Me: The Rickonia Experience on Kickstarter
Rickonia on Facebook
Rickonia on Twitter
Rickonia on Youtube

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