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Unboxing: NYCC Nerd Block

New York Comic Con is coming up in October, but the NYCC exclusive Nerd Block is already here!

The exclusive box was released in limited circulation by Nerd Block and ReedPop.

A limited-edition curated collection of epic NYCC collectibles and gear for serious convention nerds! The Limited Edition NYCC Block contains 10 amazing collectibles as well as an officially licensed T-shirt designed by ShirtPunch. In total, this block has SIX EXCLUSIVES – including an Infinity Gauntlet exclusive! Retail value of over $90, for only $39.99! – NerdBlock

My box was delivered over the weekend while I was out of town, so I asked my boyfriend to stop by my house and pick it up for me. After all, I couldn’t have $90 worth of NYCC merchandise sitting on my doorstep for an entire weekend!

Had I known what was in the box, I probably would have left it for the thieves on purpose.

Here’s what I got:

NYCC T-Shirt

I was hoping that the provided t-shirt would be a NYCC design, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The design is charmingly plain, and the shirt is soft and of good quality. Women’s graphic tees tend to run small, but I found the size (a women’s small) to be a true fit.

Now do I wear this or my favorite geeky tee to Comic Con? Decisions, decisions.

Rating: 5/5 ripped Hulk shirts.


I didn’t expect to see a pin in a box full of NYCC exclusives, but okay. I’ll roll with it.

The pin is designed to look like a New York City sewer grate (aka a Ninja Turtle door), and surprisingly enough, it’s extremely sturdy! The addition of a second clasp provides an extra opportunity to stab yourself. Yass!

Rating: 4/5 Spongebob Squarepants band-aids.

Gryffindor Socks

Master has given Meggy Harry Potter socks… Meggy is free!

I love Harry Potter. I love socks. Mix the two together, and I’m officially enthralled.

These Gryffindor socks are incredible cute, but unless you have a child’s shins and calves, the print will stretch and become distorted. They’re a little snug, as well, which is sure to be a huge issue for anyone with large calves.

Rating: 3.5/5 Quidditch goals

Revolution Issue #1

It wouldn’t be a comic convention box without a comic, now would it?

Revolution is a brand new Transformers comic book series by IDW publishing. The cover art looks incredible, and after a quick browse through the actual comic, I’m pleased to say that the interior artwork is stunning as well.

I haven’t paid much attention to Transformers since Michael Bay butchered the series, but I’m excited to dive into this comic none the less!

I’ll be reviewing this comic at a later time, so stay tuned!

Rating: 4/5 Chevy ad placements and Victoria’s Secret models

Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer Dashboard Spring

This dash accessory has the shape of Slimer down, but the ghoul’s eyes are too small, too red, and way too creepy for my taste. It does glow in the dark very well, and the spring is, well, springy.

I’m too terrified of this Slimer to keep it in my own vehicle, but I definitely know my big brother would get a kick out of it! #regift

Rating: 2/5 crossed streams

The Walking Dead projection key chain flashlight

This key chain light is decorated with The Walking Dead‘s logo and projects the series iconic “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” when flashed onto a surface.

It’s a neat little gimmick that is sure to get old quick, but the light is bright enough to act like an actual flashlight when you’re fumbling for something in the dark.

Kind of lame, kind of cool, kind of going on my lanyard.

…For now

Rating: 3/5 chained walker pets

Ninja Turtle Shoelaces

Never have I ever rocked crazy shoelaces, but I’m totally ready to rock these Ninja Turtle ones!

The pattern is cute, the colors are vibrant, and the material seems sturdy enough for shoe laces.

They’re totally tubular, dude!

Rating: 4/5 pepperoni pizzas

Voltron Wallet

I don’t watch Voltron (sorry – I was a 90s baby) but now that I own a Voltron wallet, I guess I have to.

The design is nice, but the wallet itself is nothing special. It’s a standard canvas wallet that nearly anyone can design online. It’s cheaply made, and since there are no clasps (button, VELCRO, magnet) to keep the wallet closed, it awkwardly flops around and exposes your goodies. No bueno.

I don’t think I’ll ever use this – It may as well be a cheap paperweight.

Rating: 2/5 classic 80s cartoons

Infinity Gauntlet

Speaking of paper weights…

Included in the NYCC Nerd Block was an Infinity Gauntlet paperweight.

The gauntlet is adored with infinity crystals, but annoyingly enough, they are not perfectly centered in their designated spot. Even so, the gauntlet is beautiful and well designed.

I shall gaze upon this gauntlet each time I need to be motivated to take over the universe.

Fun fact: apparently you shouldn’t microwave this collectible. Plans ruined.

Rating: 4/5 guardians of the galaxy

Disco Spiral digital print

What the fuck is this shit?

A terrible and strangely imagined digital print of an X-Men villain nobody cares about…and it’s not even autographed!

Say hello to the recycle bin, Spiral. May you be reborn as a Chipotle catering menu.

Rating: 0/5 mutant dance parties

Overall rating: 2/5 ridiculously long panel lines

Disappointment has a name, and it’s Nerdblock.

I purchased the New York Comic Con Nerd Block in hopes of getting my hands on highly coveted exclusive toys and accessories without waiting in line for hours, but nobody in their right mind would ever wait in line for the items I received.

These are the items you definitely would find in the Comic-Con clearance bin, and I paid 50 fucking dollars for them. Some of the items were neat, don’t get me wrong, but I essential paid $50 for $20 worth of low quality merchandise.

I feel incredibly ripped off and deceived. If I could return it all to Nerdblock for a refund, I would.

Never, ever again.


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SDCC Day 1 Recap!

Hunger Games cast bids their farewell to the franchise

The Hunger Games franchise is coming to an end with Mockingjay Pt. 2, and sadly so are the Comic-Con appearances.

The cast and producers were at the convention for their panel, eagerly answering questions from fans in the audience.

Producer Nina Jacobson has some choice words for their end of the franhise. “The end is emotional for all of us,” Jacobson said. “We want to deliver the emotion and the politics of it, all the things that [author] Suzanne [Collins] wanted to say. But we don’t want to say good bye to each other. We all wish there were seven or eight books, not just three. It’s a very emotional conclusion. It’s emotional for us, but it will be emotional for the fans.”

One fan asked Jennifer Lawrence what is similar about her and her famous character, Katniss Everdeen, to which she responded in a very candid fashion “Nothing about us is similar. She’s brave and I’m an actress.”

Check out a few clips from the panel below! More are available on the franchise’s official Instagram page.

Stand with the Mockingjay! #SDCC welcomes #JenniferLawrence! #MockingjaySDCC

A video posted by The Hunger Games (@thehungergames) on

The #MockingjayPart2 cast = ❤️. #MockingjaySDCC

A video posted by The Hunger Games (@thehungergames) on


William Shatner addresses Star Trek 3 rumors

Will William Shatner appear in Star Trek 3? The actor was recently asked this question by a fan at Comic-Con, but according to Shatner our guess is as good as his!

The Star Trek alum told the audience a story about how he was contacted by J.J. Abrams way back in 2008 in regards to secretly appearing in his 2009 adaptation. This news was leaked by a reporter at an airport, who Shatner swears he didn’t tell. The incident, according to Shatner, seemed have rubbed Abrams the wrong way.

We didn’t get a solid yes or no from Shatner, and considering how Abrams was apparently interested in having him appear (at least at one point in time), his appearance in Star Trek 3 is still a very real possibility!

Revamped Flash costume revealed

Warner Bros. TV brought an entire showcase of hero costumes to Comic-Con this year, but the Flash costume in particular seemed a little different. Season one’s Flash has a costume with a red and gold emblem on the chest, but the costume shown at Comic-Con sports a white and gold emblem. What does this mean, exactly? Well, the most obvious answer is that the Flash’s costume will get a minor face lift for season 2!

This photo comes thanks to Aaron Couch over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Batman v Superman cast will hit the con floor for a surprise autograph session

Well, I guess it’s not a surprise anymore! Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will be part of the Warner Bros. panel Saturday at Hall H, but Deadline is reporting that they’ll also be heading over to the DC Entertainment booth to sign autographs while they’re in town.

But as to when they’ll show up, that’s not for sure. They could either show up Friday night or on July 11 after their Hall H appearance. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) will possibly show up as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Transformers animated series coming to Machinima

Hasbro has partnered with the online gamer and video platform Machinima to produce a new animated series based on its Transformers: Combiner Wars line, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports.

Combiner Wars has groups of Transformers interlock to form one giant robot, known as a Combiner. Among the new robots are Superion and Menasor. They held the fate of the Transformers’ home world, Cybertron, in their hands.

Teen Wolf renewed for season 6

MTV announced today at Comic-Con that Teen Wolf will be renewed for season 6. A mid season trailer was also released during the event today.

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III to Feature Additional 16-Page Mini-Comics

We don’t know much about the plot of  The Dark Knight III: The Master Race (which will launch this fall) but we do know one thing to expect: more! DC Entertainment has confirmed that in addition to the core 32-page comic book, each issue of Frank Miller’s eight-issue series will include an additional 16-page mini-comic illustrated by a variety of guest artists.

Halle Berry confirms that she would be up for a Storm standalone movie

Wolverine got his own, so why not Storm? When the actress was asked if she would be down for a Storm movie away from the X-Men franchise, she responded by saying “absolutely.” This doesn’t mean one is in the works, but with the help of her fans it very well could be. She urged her fans to speak up and spread the word!

Geekgirl World will be reporting all the events from SDCC all this week. Make sure to check our front page to get the latest and greatest news! 

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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising Review

If Transformers means little more to you than your old, childhood Hasbro toys and Shia LeBouf yelling “Optimus!” into an orange sunset, you might be surprised to know that “Transformers: Prime” is a successful, Emmy-winning, computer-animated show that aired on the Hub. Moreover, you might not know that this week the drama continued on the small screen in the feature-length, 90-minute film, “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.” Is it more than meets the eye, or a cash grab in disguise?

transformers-prime-beast-hunters-predacons-rising1The story follows our transforming heroes, the Autobots, as they attempt to restore their home planet of Cybertron. Meanwhile, super baddy/agent of chaos/destroyer of planets, Unicron, has all but possessed former oppressor Megatron— using his corporeal body to do evil far worse than even he could imagine. To defeat Unicron, the Autobots must team up with their former foes, the Decepticons and the beastly Predacons.

Predacons Rising actually had quite a lot to offer. Fans of the Transformers franchise will be pleased to hear that Peter Cullen reprised his role as the voice of the wise and noble Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. Children, specifically, will be amused with the dramatic fight sequences that incorporate slow motion and first person points of view. One particularly amazing scene to look out for includes the ZOMBIE-CONS, un-dead Predacons who have arisen from their graves. Meanwhile, an older audience can appreciate the themes of good vs. evil vs. REALLY evil. As Megatron muses, “Who to root for? The lines have certainly blurred.”

8765_1The Blue-Ray + DVD Combo Pack is unfortunately quite light on special features, only including a look behind the scenes of Predacons Rising. However, the spotlight on the animation team, Polygon Pictures, was quite enjoyable and added a real-life element to the robotic and sometimes bland world of Transformers.

Over all, I would recommend Predacons Rising to fans of Transformers and children. As someone who hasn’t watched the Prime series, it was easy to follow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t terribly invested in the story line. While there were enough cool fight scenes and dramatic quotes to hold my attention, it was fairly forgettable. Much like the toys of my youth and the Michael Bay popcorn flicks that filled my summers, Predacons Rising is an adequate way to spend a rainy afternoon, but that’s about it. I give this one a 6/10.

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