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The Road So Far: ‘Supernatural’ Episodes 1-15 Recap

Have you ever read a fanfiction and noticed the visible challenge the writer is facing to complete story in 100 words? Well, that’s what I am going to attempt to do here, but as recaps for each episode of  Supernatural season 11.

I am incredibly late to the game here. I originally planned on doing individual episode recaps, but I made a promise to my guy not to start the new season until he was caught up with the previous ones. Now here we are, finally at a break and fully caught up with the series. I normally would not do a recap in this format, but for hilarity sake, let’s see if I can manage to recap each episode of season 11 in 100 words.

Let’s BEGIN!

Episode 11×1: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Castiel is super sick because of Rowena cursing him. Sam and Dean meet zombie like beings after The Darkness explodes across the land that just tear and eat at one another in order to infect others. An infected daddy gives his kid to a local sheriff, Jenna, naming her Amara, who sports the Mark of Cain, before he dies. Sam creates a diversion so Dean and Jenna can leave without getting mauled. Crowley comes back à la sexy housewife. Dean keeps having visions of Amara and her thanking him for setting her free. Aww, they’re bonding already. I don’t agree.

Episode 11×2: From the Void

Dean gets Jenna to her grandmother. Sam is traveling around trying to find a cure. A reaper gives him clues on how to get purified. Dean leaves Jenna, but gets called back because that baby is weird. Crowley, is there.  They hear a noise and find a soulless Jenna. Sam finds out that holy oil just might be the cure and he burns the evil away. Cass gets tortured for information. Angels die. He shows up to the bunker needing help. Crowley the greatest candy van man offers a more grown up Amara souls to eat, that she gladly accepts.

Episode 11×3: The Bad Seed

Sam and Dean are trying to find a cure for Castiel who is still trying to hold himself together because of Rowena’s curse. Rowena on the other hand is trying her to make the Mega Coven, but is failing because the recruits are just lackluster. Castiel meanwhile snaps and Dean stops him from killing a woman, but in turn gets attacked himself, but Sam comes in with Rowena who lifts the curse. Crowley is still raising Amara, who is now a teen and demanding more soul food. See what I did there? Metatron is still in deep hiding. That jerk.

Episode 11×4: Baby

Baby has seen a lot of action, and most recently from Sam. Dean gives him crap and makes him sing the song ‘Night Moves’. Once at the case, the dead man’s wife is attacked. While checking out the crime scene, Dean is attacked by the acting sheriff; he kills and decapitate him, but it doesn’t keep him down. With the help of Castiel, they find out it’s a type of ghoul, a Nachzehrer, or a ghoulpire, and it needs copper in its mouth to die for good. Once decapitated by Baby’s door, all those sired by him return to normal.

Episode 11×5: Thin Lizzie

The brothers investigate a series of murders that happen in and around the Lizzie Borden Hotel. There’s a lot of paranormal things happening, but it is discovered that they are lies and it’s all staged for kicks and thrills. They meet a super-fan named Len, who says he met Amara outside the hotel and hasn’t felt right since. They find out Amara has been eating her soul food and the soulless are murdering everybody. Sam and Dean are targeted, but Len kills to protect them, turning himself so he can no longer kill. Amara creeps at them as they leave.

Episode 11×6: Our Little World

Amara is being naughty and eating too much soul food to grow up. Crowley sends a team to kill the soulless to keep things on the quiet. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam track down where Amara is and head to the asylum to kill her. Castiel sees Metatron and finds him only to discover he’s human, pathetic and wanting to die because all he can do is sell stuff to the media. Amara tortures Crowley for trying to hurt Dean, knowing he won’t kill her because of their bond. Sam has visions of Michael and Lucifer in the cage. CAGE FIGHT!


Episode 11×7: Plush

Good ol’ Deputy Donna calls Sam and Dean to help with a series of killings that have occurred that seem weird. Come to find out, a man was accused of molesting children, and what they thought was a suicide, was actually murder, and now he’s possessing his old costumes to seek revenge. They find out it’s a restless spirit as a witness talks about how the room suddenly got cold. Once everything is burned, Sam reveals he’s been having more visions from praying to God, and realizes that his visions seem to be leading him to Lucifer’s cage for answers.

Episode 11×8: Just My Imagination

Oh no! Imaginary friends are dropping dead! The latest victim, Sparkle the unicorn-man and friend the mermaid. Sully, Sam’s imaginary friend, or zana, while growing up, makes himself visible to the brothers to help out in the situation. Tracking the killer, they found out it’s a girl named Reese. She and her sister were Scully’s next friends, but her sister died while playing with Sully, and is now trying to extract revenge. In the end she doesn’t kill Sully, but he does visit her. Sam still thinks going to the cage fight is what needs to be done, Dean disagrees.

Episode 11×9: O Brother Where Art Thou?

Now fully grown, Amara seeks out a religious group and strikes them down, hoping to get God’s wrath so they can talk. Crowley has Rowena captured and she reads from the Book of the Damned in order for Sam to talk to Lucifer. Dean looks into the church deaths, and comes face to face with Amara and they kiss. She sends him away when angels rain their fury, only to have her smited, but not die. Sam talks with Lucifer and says he’s the only one that can beat her, but Sam needs to agree to be his vessel. Nope.


Episode 11×10: The Devil in the Details

Dean is sent by Crowley to a reaper named Billie to get into Hell. He has Rowena with him on a witch collar that Crowley controls as she is the only one that can get into Hell. Castiel and another look to see if Amara survived the smiting. She has, and sends Billie a message carved into Castiel’s chest saying she’s coming. Castiel heads for the brothers, and he, Dean and Sam are in the cage fighting Lucifer. Castiel agrees to be Lucifer’s vessel if  he can win. Rowena gets played by Lucifer, and in turn get’s killed. Enter Lustiel.



Episode 11×11: Into the Mystic

A banshee kills a dad and mother, leaving an infant girl crying in her crib in Ireland around the 1980s. Sam and Dean investigate similar murders in a retirement home, and finally catch a lead from a resident named Mildred. Sam is captured by a deaf ‘maid’, Eileen, the baby from before, and proves he’s not the banshee. Together they devise a plan to kill the banshee and succeed. Meanwhile. Lustiel is looking for a way to kill Amara, and Dean reveals to him that while he hates Amara, he also cannot kill her because of his bond with her.

Episode 11×12: Don’t You Forget About Me

Sheriff Jody calls the boys in because Claire is harming people she thinks are monsters. She insists there’s a case. Well, after Alex’s favorite teacher is strung to the school’s light pole, the brothers and Jody finally agree there is one, but Claire is still acting like a little brat and they don’t like it. Come to find out, Alex’s boyfriend is a vampire, sired by another vampire previously made by the nest Alex used to lure human for their consumption. Both vampires are eventually killed and the girls agree to be little nicer to their awesome foster mother Jody.


Episode 11×13: Love Hurts

It’s like herpes, but a spell! Dan is cheating on his wife with the babysitter. His wife Melissa knows. She hires a “white witch” to give her a love spell. Nope. It’s a curse and  kills all those affected and eventually circles back to the caster and kills them in the form of their one true love. Dean ends up kissing Melissa to transfer the curse to him to buy them time to find the Qareen’s heart to kill it. “Amara” attacks Dean, but eventually dies. Dean admits to Sam he can’t kill Amara because he desires her. Love Sucks.

Episode 11×14: The Vessel

A woman of letters, what? Yes, she’s tricky and a seductress, and kills a German Nazi general to gain a Hand of God object. Sam and Dean find out about it and with the help of Lustiel, Dean gets transported to a submarine to retrieve it, as they think it can kill Amara. A lot of bickering happens and Lucifer reveals himself to Sam, who’s offered up his soul to help bring Dean home safely. Once home, they find out the HoG is a one hitter, Sam tells Dean about Castiel’s acceptance of Lucifer and Dean thinks it’s a trick.

Episode 11×15: Beyond that Mat

Dean at his fanboy best. After one of Dean and Sam’s favorite wrestler’s die, they discover a crossroad demon at work. Come to found out their favorite, Lawless, is working with a demon to to spare his life from a deal made ten years ago, and killing people. The demon is killed, however, and Lawless accepts his fate and the hellhounds come. Crowley breaks out of his dog like status and double crosses Lucifer, twice, and uses another Hand of God foolishly. Dean is determined now to finally put an end to Lucifer and Amara in order to save Castiel.

Well, there you have it folks. The new episode is literally airing now, and will be premiering at about 9pm tonight on the west coast.

Overall, I am enjoying this season so far. It’s interesting to seem them creating a pre-biblical world with new creatures, and to see just how over their heads they’re getting. I hope that the coming episodes that finish out the season will see Castiel fighting off Lucifer, and Amara dying, but I doubt anything like that will happen because it’s Supernatural  and nothing truly good ever happens without something ten times worse happens.

So, what are your thoughts regarding how this season is progressing and where it’s now heading? Let us know in the comments! 

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‘Arkham Knight’ DLC “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” Trailer Premieres Today

Yesterday we brought you the first look at Arkham Knight DLC, “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” where DC treated us to a powerful and exciting sneak peek at the cinematic cut scenes featuring Barbara Gordon in full, gorgeous costume, kicking crime’s butt and facing the Joker alongside Tim Drake’s Robin.

Today we got a whole trailer, all 90 seconds of it. We start out with Batgirl and Robin arriving at the Joker’s “main event” at the big top circus in the heart of Seagate Amusement Park. Harley Quinn, in her traditional red and black outfit, slinks by as we take a look around. Not only are there GCPD and SWAT officers dead or held hostage throughout the park, but Jim Gordon’s been captured and caged, suspended in true Joker style up high (and probably over a tank of something hungry!).

Though Robin tells her they ought to call Batman, Batgirl is adamant that the Joker will kill her father if they dare involve him. And seeing as how the Joker, sitting astride a huge canon, announces “the magnificent deaths of the caped do-gooders,” it looks like Barbara is going to have to play along with the psychopath’s demands.

Both Batgirl and Robin swoop in from above with all the knock-out force of the dive attacks we’ve come to love from the Arkham series of games, taking out the masked Joker thugs. Batgirl deftly disarms a brute with her batclaw, then makes quick work of the thug who dared aim a shotgun at her. With a Diana Rigg-esque high kick, Batgirl stands tall and triumphant.

The pack of Joker thugs the next scene unleashes is standard fare for Batman game fans; the RPG the Joker wields moments after is a little bit more intimidating. We get a great shot of Robin wiping off a thug’s grin as he uses his bow staff to assist Batgirl in an aerial attack. The Joker begins to muse about how things used to be so simple before these “knuckleheads” came in and “spoiled his game.”

What follows is frenetic montage of both cinematic cutscenes and gameplay which includes the always useful detective vision. We get to see Batgirl using her invisible predator skills as she stalks some thugs, but unfortunately there are no scenes utilizing her much-anticipated hacking talents. Though considering how dynamic and exciting this trailer is supposed to be, I suppose there wasn’t room for the more cerebral of her skill set.

As Batgirl promises that she’s “gonna put them all away,” Joker replies, “Not. Funny,” and fires his RPG at the base of one of the gondola lift pylons. Batgirl shouts out a warning to Robin, and, as the pylon explodes into a fireball, we watch Batgirl take flight on the edge of the shock wave.

The trailer ends with Harley’s signature giggle as the Joker points his handgun towards the viewer and eerily remarks, “It’s been a blast…” I don’t think it was a mere coincidence that they included this as the final scene to the trailer. Have a look for yourself:

Despite the initial grumblings earlier this year over the value and viability of the Arkham Knight Season Pass deal (Season Pass and Premium Edition, priced at $39.99 and $99.99, respectively), today’s release proves that WB and Rocksteady sure didn’t skimp on style. Here’s hoping they didn’t skimp on story, either, and that we get as much bang for our buck as we’ve hoped.

“Batgirl: A Matter of Family” releases to Season Pass holders Tuesday, July 14, in North America, and July 21 to non-Season Pass holders for $6.99.

What are your initial impressions about the trailer? Have you signed up for Season Pass for Arkham Knight yet? Do you think you’re getting your money’s worth with this newest DLC?

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